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Sakura Parfait
i don't like it.
then i will like it~

EDIT: ALSO : i hate not being able to see the signatures D:
So No, i do not like it at all.

You know you don't have to use it, right? Besides, this version of the forums was intended for "people with lower bandwidth and/or phones and/or PS3 / DS / 3DS browsers". (source)

oh of course, i was just pointing it out~ i didnt want gaia being like facebook and updating things when we dont like them you know? i just dont want them making it permanent is all~

They probably are going to make it permanent if enough people like it, but as an option in Gaia Labs so people who like the existing forum interface can use it and people who want a lighter version of the forum can use Forum Lite.

This would be in addition to the existing forum interface, probably turned on through labs or something.

Keyword is "addition" here.
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Sakura Parfait
Hikaru Itomaru
I really don't like this.
I like being able to see full avatars and signatures too much.

this is only an option, though.

I know, and now I have it turned off.
I just felt like giving my opinion today since I happened to be online when it was released.
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The New Forum Lite look so pretty. It makes me feel a little giddy about it.

Down side is I like the Signature in the old style. That was my way of advertising my thread and guilds.
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A bar to see online/offline would be nice.

Maybe a way to change the gradient of the top bar to the colors offered in the drop-box for text? That could resolve the issue of the ever-present blue.

[edit]: Bold the username so they stand out more, it looks like it gets a bit lost in all the other text, since it's so close to the quote/edit/speech bubble.
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Gaia Lite is a great Idea and I can't wait to see how it works, but I think you should have it like your able to adjust which settings you want such as the ability to click on and off no signatures, aquariums, and no post actions individually.

Noryoku Kiyama rolled 1 10-sided dice: 9 Total: 9 (1-10)

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Compressing the bubbles is genius but somehow, I kind of like to see the old applications as well. Like the drop box where you can send that user a PM or go check his/her profile. Seeing the head to toe avatar was a good point of the old one too.

As a role player, these are my first concerns. Then, I just thought, what was the use of having a signature if you'd not be able to see it? So I am terribly caught in between of liking and disliking it.

Score will be determined by a rolling die.

So, it really didn't show up, huh? stare (try it with your Forum Lite activated)
I guess, you just have to imagine that the die had a side with a blank face and that was the one that showed.
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Original Gaian

Noryoku Kiyama
Score will be determined by a rolling die.

So, it really didn't show up, huh? stare (try it with your Forum Lite activated)
I guess, you just have to imagine that the die had a side with a blank face and that was the one that showed.
New! Labs feature Forums Lite will let you experience faster Forums. It's a new clean and uniform look with no signatures, aquariums, and no post actions.

Its not as if they were hiding it when they mentioned it in the first post.
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It would be cool if we could have the option to toggle between these square faces and a full body view of the avatar.

Or even a miniature full body view of the avatar. Like how it's done with profile comments sometimes (showing a miniature size of the avatar).
I like it for use on my phone, but I wish we had the option to toggle avatars or toggle signatures without having to go into Labs and disable the feature.
For example, toggle for only one page, or for individual posts.
Also, I wish there was a way to quickly view someone's profile, or the drop menu of "view profile, view posts, send PM, send trade, etc." from their post (such as clicking their username or avatar)
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emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart
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Magical Girl

I like that it's faster, but I don't really like the layout that much.
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Demonic Knight

        I wish we could at least click on the person's avatar's face to see their profile rather than searching their name up to interact with them. It seems antisocial in this aspesct.
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I like it very much, i'll have to deactivated it when i booty grab though. smile
I have to say that I quite like it so far. I'm a little disappointed that it won't be usable for events, but it does seem like it does have a lot of use to it. I'm atually looking forward to using it when I use my netbook since it doesn't like much of anything like flash based stuff.

I'm a little concerned about some of the lack of things, like Noryoku Kiyama was saying about the missing dropdown menu with the profile/pms/etc stuff in it. It would be a shame to have those missing since its so convenient to be able to send a message, view profile or ignore someone with one click instead of having to search their name and then do that, especially in the case of ignoring someone. Would it be possible to add some of those functions back in without reverting to using the drop down menu, such as a couple of small buttons to pm user and maybe changing the avi head icon so that when it is clicked it takes user to their profile (like how the normal forums are)? Kind of like how the forums used to be with that bar: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show., or would that cause too much lag or make it slower to load?

Also, just curious, but is the instant/quick reply post button not supposed to work on the lite version? Its not working for me and I would think that that would be one of the key features that would remain on the lite version since it didn't require someone to go to a new page to post a quick and small reply. If it is supposed to not work, then can I ask that you either put it in or not keep the little arrow there to mock me sweatdrop pretty please?

EDIT: Oh dear. Someone just tipped me and it made me find out that posts no longer have individual URLs. The tip notice took me to the page, but not the post itself. Fixable and/or Implementable Y/N?
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I really love the lite forum idea!

The only problem I have is not being able to play BG in the forums but I love not having to wait until every little feature of those animated signatures loads to get through the forums.

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