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Which types of notifications would you like to see most?

Friend posts a forum topic 0.049975739932072 5.0% [ 206 ]
Friend updates avatar/profile 0.037117903930131 3.7% [ 153 ]
I get a pm from someone 0.24963609898108 25.0% [ 1029 ]
Friend logs into site 0.21300339640951 21.3% [ 878 ]
Someone replies to my topic 0.1809801067443 18.1% [ 746 ]
Someone quotes me in forums 0.17224648229015 17.2% [ 710 ]
these alerts are annoying, I don't need them 0.097040271712761 9.7% [ 400 ]
Total Votes:[ 4122 ]
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This is an interesting idea. However, you should be able to turn certain types of alerts off, I personally wouldn't use about a third of these options, and work on adding a few more. Maybe have one for when someone posts in one of your subscribed threads?
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I don't think I've gotten an update yet, but I would love to see the Posting and being Quoted.
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I'm hesitant to enable this feature, just on account of the size of my friendlist.

How intrusive will this feature be for those of us with a rather large collection of friends?

Well, if you're on a single page you'll see a maximum of 10 alerts in 20 min. If you're browsing around, you may see a little more... I guess we'll need to add an option to turn on/off
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This idea is pretty nice.
I would love to know when people or quoting or responding.
Oh and of you could make them, make a small noise when it pops up that would be great.
Sometimes I busy working on something I won't see the small pop up.
But make sure that you can turn off and on the noise as it could get quite annoying after a while.
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I love this feature! heart Awesome! 3nodding
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OMG I want to know when I am quoted... I love you guys
Thanks to all for the wonderful comments, it made my day to hear from the community that most of you liked this feature.

From what I gather, most folks don't care about when someone updates their avatar/profile, so most likely will turn that off... and add an alert for when you're quoted in the forums.

But what about when your friend comes online? I hear some divided opinions about this... Yeah I know it would be good to have a setting for each one of these, but it may take a little while for that. In the meantime, would it be too annoying to have that on?
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great idea,thats a real life saver to me,but you should also add a way for you to turn on and off some of them for an ex: friends loging in, someone pmed me on the rest off. understand cuz i really would not like to get a lil message EVERY time my friends post something
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Oooh! I have another idea for a use for this, I'd really like it if I could get notifications of a new post in my guilds that I'm Captain, vice captain, or crew for, and also join requests for those guilds. That would be sooo convent and great. Especially this isn't put in our regular notifications section. Please consider it heart
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I would like to see alerts to when people reply to a subscribed thread
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i like this one.

get a notification when a Friend comes online (logs into the site)
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Friend comes online (logs into the site)
* Friend replies to your topic
* Someone quotes me in forum

There are good ideas!!
I think Market notifications would be helpful, instead of PM's UNLESS you are offline. Or like, when you get a trade request.
The "when friends go online" would be AMAZING!

You should be allowed to toggle whether or not you want it though because some people's gaia lives are TOO active. Also, you should be able to pick which features you DO want to be notified on.

I haven't been on enough for the pop-up too come on yet, though. Lol.
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blaugh biggrin I LOVE this idea-especially for forum topic alerts! Gaia Staff- DON'T JUST MAKE THE FORUM TOPICS ALERTS FRIEND ONLY-MAKE IT FOR ANY GAIAN THAT POSTS ON YOUR TOPIC-PLEASE! biggrin blaugh
When you have an important question-like for zOMG advice-it would be nice to know the moment someone responds so that you are not forever going from the zOMG window to your internet window and back all the time! This feature would be of significant benefit to not always have to keep a tab open on your topic in order to check up on it, instead you would be able to browse and play on other Gaia events on the site with less internet tabs. Keep up the awesome work Gaia team, you guys and girls are TOTALLY AWESOME! biggrin 3nodding

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