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Which types of notifications would you like to see most?

Friend posts a forum topic 0.050156739811912 5.0% [ 208 ]
Friend updates avatar/profile 0.036894140342416 3.7% [ 153 ]
I get a pm from someone 0.25102483723173 25.1% [ 1041 ]
Friend logs into site 0.21292500602845 21.3% [ 883 ]
Someone replies to my topic 0.18013021461297 18.0% [ 747 ]
Someone quotes me in forums 0.17217265493128 17.2% [ 714 ]
these alerts are annoying, I don't need them 0.096696407041235 9.7% [ 401 ]
Total Votes:[ 4147 ]
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its so awseome
I don't know if it's because they keep updating their avatar. But every other minute Asandra Sapecgrace updates their avatar apparently and it keeps coming onto the screen. It's sooo annoying! I removed them from my list because of it but it's still popping up.

If it weren't for this I would like it, but this is just a pain at the moment.
cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool lol lol lol lol eek eek evil evil cheese_whine biggrin smile redface crying
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these get kiind of annoying when they keep popping up and blocking my view.... sweatdrop
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Ruthless Nerd

Even when my one friend isn't on, it says they've updated their avi. And that's all that shows up. Just that same message everytime, and they don't change their avi that much.
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i use 3 browsers and the alerts dont work on any of them
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So far this is really helpful!! sometimes I dont notice things right away but now it is hard to miss!!
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I think people should be able to pick everything they want to be notified on.
I would like to know if I got a P.M. and I'm sure all the people in my guild would like to know when someone posted.

I think theres a problem with this feature though. It keeps showing the same update over and over. It gets a bit annoying getting the same update again and again :
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I like it, but the window should be a bit smaller.

Also, I feel that the most important notification on Gaia is quoting in forums, so I'd enjoy for that to be an update.
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I wanted to say it is not working to well. As far as I can tell the same message is poping up alot even when the person is loged out. It is confusing and it is happening really frequently. I think it has stoped for now but it was going on fr about an hour of two.
i like the idea of it, but it just tells me when my friends change their avis when u have 314 friends tht gets really annoying.

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