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Which types of notifications would you like to see most?

Friend posts a forum topic 0.05 5.0% [ 207 ]
Friend updates avatar/profile 0.03695652173913 3.7% [ 153 ]
I get a pm from someone 0.25072463768116 25.1% [ 1038 ]
Friend logs into site 0.21304347826087 21.3% [ 882 ]
Someone replies to my topic 0.18019323671498 18.0% [ 746 ]
Someone quotes me in forums 0.17246376811594 17.2% [ 714 ]
these alerts are annoying, I don't need them 0.096618357487923 9.7% [ 400 ]
Total Votes:[ 4140 ]
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Oh and keep:

There are 3 notifications currently:
1. New forum topic
2. Avater/profile update
3. Private message

If I get positive comments about it, will be planning on adding these notifications:
* Friend comes online (logs into the site)
* Friend replies to your topic
* Someone quotes me in forum
Knowing exactly what friend logs on is a good idea! That way while you are playing, you can immediately contact your friend to join you in-game!
I really like this idea. It could make posting in threads a lot easier.

Something I've noticed, in a lot of the Lab Feedback threads, is that we like the choice of turning something on or off. I think Gaians would be willing to accept any change you'd wish to make if we can toggle it on or off at will.
These are all really awesome AS LONG AS THEY DON'T REPLACE FEEDS OR HEADER BUBBLES! I'd love to see pretty much the same stuff we can get in feeds in a more active-notice style. Like auctions ending soon? That would be great, especially if it didn't take space as a PM.
This is a great idea biggrin
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i would also like to get notifications id someone quoted my post, because when i check the topic again theres like 10 pages already and i would usually have to go through them jus to see is someone quoted my post sweatdrop
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I think it's a decent idea. ^_^ I'm generally not on at the same time as most of my friends, or when I am I'm right there in a thread with them, so I'm not too sure how much use I'd get out of it, but it's a good idea. ^_^
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Sexual Shenanigans
Best stalker tool ever.

EVARRR! 4laugh
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I don't know about this one, I will miss the alerts if they're in the corner or something.
I like the bubbles now that notify you of pms and gifts.

But I do like the idea of notifying you when someone replies to your topic, or quotes you.
Maybe have an option to turn it off though because for some people who get a lot of replies, it can get annoying.
I'd love to get alerts if some one quoted me >v>
I love this idea! Of course, I suggest having an option of what we want to see and don't want to see. I don't care when someone changes their avatar, but I'd love to know when someone posts in a thread of mine or quotes me!

I like the PM/gift/announcement bubbles where they are, though. I would keep those and give people the option to enable popup alerts.
I like it, but do we get them for general site announcements? I'd like that so I know when something new is introduced into the marketplace almost right away.
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I like the way PMs are handled now with a bubble that stays until I check them. I only wish vending PMs were a little different so I could tell them apart from PMs from my friends. As for the other stuff, I can check "subscribed threads" no more often than folks post on my threads (and some of my threads I don't care if they post or not anyway) but I can see that it would be a useful feature for some people.
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It's a very nice idea smile
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the ones i would most like to see are these:
Friend logs into site
Someone quotes me in forums

i like this one too:
Someone replies to my topic
but since it is already announced on the my gaia tab, i don't need a fading alert about it.
actually, i would prefer that it be announced in the gaia tab when someone quotes me in the forums too.
but for friends logging into the site, a fading alert is best.

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