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Which types of notifications would you like to see most?

Friend posts a forum topic 0.05 5.0% [ 207 ]
Friend updates avatar/profile 0.03695652173913 3.7% [ 153 ]
I get a pm from someone 0.25072463768116 25.1% [ 1038 ]
Friend logs into site 0.21304347826087 21.3% [ 882 ]
Someone replies to my topic 0.18019323671498 18.0% [ 746 ]
Someone quotes me in forums 0.17246376811594 17.2% [ 714 ]
these alerts are annoying, I don't need them 0.096618357487923 9.7% [ 400 ]
Total Votes:[ 4140 ]
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Interesting little feature. But alas, i have like 10 tabs open for Gaia at some points and sometimes miss the alerts crying
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I like fading alerts.

I think, though, that they may either be too large, or poorly placed. On my browser (IE&, Windows Server 2003 r2 (yeah, well, I'm at work. xP), it hovered right over somethign I was reading, on the right hand side, about a third of the way across the page (from the right). Didn't get a screenie, but if I do, I'll add it here.

However! I wouldn't mind a notification if someone quotes me. Frankly, that doesn't happen often enough for it to become annoying, and I'm very interested in knowing if I've had a reply, especially when I'm ordering art! User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Some shoppers/vendors might not mind a notification if they're outbid on an item, or if someone bids on their item in the vend.
This post is my feelings on it as well.
Funny how I only needed to read the first post of the thread.
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            This may have been said already, but I find that I get alerts for the same thing multiple times.
            For example: So and so has updated their avatar.
            And when I go look I see the same Avatar I saw just minutes before.
            It's quite annoying.
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i think they are a little late, cause about 10min after something happens, like a pm, it shows up 6 times
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User Image
      I found it great, until a friend of mine stated making threads every few minutes >.>
      I had to turn it off due to the fading spam! So if this feature gets updates, please give us the option to choose what we'd like to get alerted about sweatdrop
-knock out Friday's avatar

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It doesn't work properly.
It will constantly repeat the same alert, even though what it's alerting me about only happened once. Also, sometimes it will appear in the corner where I can't read it, otherwise I find it very useful
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it comes up too late and does the same alert over and over again

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Notifications are late.
They also pop up when you just log on for something that happened hours ago.
It notifies me about the friends I deleted off of my list.
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i like it and i dont like it
because every 5minutes it pops up so and so updated there avy when there not even on
I ISH NERDXD's avatar

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            This may have been said already, but I find that I get alerts for the same thing multiple times.
            For example: So and so has updated their avatar.
            And when I go look I see the same Avatar I saw just minutes before.
            It's quite annoying.

This is what happens to me too! confused
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I'm getting repeated notifications for people I don't know.
TheonetrueTatara's avatar

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I think that the alerts are annoying honestly and I have mine deactivated but they still show and I know they are not right. For example, it just said my wife changed her avatar but I am on the computer and have been now for 30 minutes and she does not have access to Gaia without this computer. So not only are they annoying me by showing up, they are annoying me by being extremely delayed or flat out wrong.
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It seems cool at first, but it can be very distracting(despite the transparency and the right hand flash). Maybe if we could choose what we want to be notified of. For instance I don't need to know when my friends change their avatar, but I do like to know when someone quotes me or when someone replies to my topics.
Nothing Yet's avatar

Nio Love's Partner

Obsessive Lover

I love the idea, but it definitely does need tweaking. It seems very sporadic. I get notifications when only two specific friends change their avatars - none of my other friends show up. Notifications for Private Messages either don't show or are late. If it showed all updates in a timely manner (and faded away - I really like that!) then I'd love to use it all the time.

I'd like to see the other notifications that were listed in the OP added. Those three are more useful to me than the current three. I think it would be nice to be able to choose what shows up as well. Maximum customization is always best for these kinds of things, so they don't become an annoyance instead of a useful feature. I just have a bad taste in my mouth from when Facebook notifications would show up for EVERYTHING; if we were able to opt out of certain things, I think it would be easy to avoid that frustration.

I also vote for a different placement. It may just be my resolution, but it ends up hanging awkwardly in the mid-right sector of my screen.
I would like to know when someone posts in my subscribed threads. =)

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