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Which types of notifications would you like to see most?

Friend posts a forum topic 0.050132562063148 5.0% [ 208 ]
Friend updates avatar/profile 0.036876355748373 3.7% [ 153 ]
I get a pm from someone 0.25114485418173 25.1% [ 1042 ]
Friend logs into site 0.21282236683538 21.3% [ 883 ]
Someone replies to my topic 0.18004338394794 18.0% [ 747 ]
Someone quotes me in forums 0.17233068209207 17.2% [ 715 ]
these alerts are annoying, I don't need them 0.096649795131357 9.7% [ 401 ]
Total Votes:[ 4149 ]
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When you turn this on, you'll see what your friends are doing while online or when you get a pm - you'll get an alert in the upper right hand corner and it will fade away in a few seconds. So for example, if one of your friends posts a new topic in the forums, you'll know about it right away and will be able to click on the alert to read the post.

There are 3 notifications currently:
1. New forum topic
2. Avater/profile update
3. Private message

If I get positive comments about it, will be planning on adding these notifications:
* Friend comes online (logs into the site)
* Friend replies to your topic
* Someone quotes me in forum

What other events would you like to see?
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I like fading alerts.

I think, though, that they may either be too large, or poorly placed. On my browser (IE&, Windows Server 2003 r2 (yeah, well, I'm at work. xP), it hovered right over somethign I was reading, on the right hand side, about a third of the way across the page (from the right). Didn't get a screenie, but if I do, I'll add it here.

However! I wouldn't mind a notification if someone quotes me. Frankly, that doesn't happen often enough for it to become annoying, and I'm very interested in knowing if I've had a reply, especially when I'm ordering art! heart

Some shoppers/vendors might not mind a notification if they're outbid on an item, or if someone bids on their item in the vend.
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I think it would be pretty damn cool if there was notifications on subscribed threads.

And you can customize the look, font, size, etc of the notifications.

This is a great idea. =)

Edit: If these notifications stay on this site for good (is this all in beta? I'm kind of confused a bit), we should definitely be able to customize whether we like them fading, or a type of pop-up notification inside of GaiaOnline. I.e., not an actual POP UP, something inside the browser on the Gaia site while you're browsing the forums, etc.

I can imagine some of the problems slow-internet-users would have if something like that was added to Gaia without the option to disable or change it while it lags their internet out like hell. Maybe I'm just being too paranoid about it, but these types of things have to be all types of user friendly. I'm not saying the Gaia developers don't stay in tune to these things, but it does good sometimes to bring these types of things up.

The post quoting idea is good, but for anyone, not just friends.
I'd like it if we could choose what notifications appeared from friends and what we let friends see (kindof like the wall-feed)
And fade-out, but with an optional cross to close it faster.
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I'm too busy on the site for this to be anything other than annoying, but I'm sure other people would like it.
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Someone replies to my topic is nice. It would be horrible to have lots of alerts. Like avi updates. so people update every 5 min @.@
I think this feature is a great idea, but maybe another handy one would be a notification if your friend joined a new guild.
Woot Like 6th Post
But Anyways I think it would be cool if Gaia Had updates on
Twitter and Myspace
and I Like
` B e l o v e d 's
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It's the reason why Facebook grows so fast... 3nodding
I don't like the idea of them fading.
Would we still get the little bubble up next to our avatar to remind us?
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          I think notifications on chosen subscribed threads would be nice. c:
          Also, if people don't want to use it, maybe a "turn on/off" button?
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Is there any way to select what we want to be notified on?

I'd like to know when I get PMs for example, but I really could care less if any of my 30+ friends makes a post a minute
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Seems like a pretty awesome idea,

Especially for things like being quoted in forums, that'd be really helpful.

And getting notified if someone replies to a topic would be extra-helpful, and make managing an Art Shop much simpler. ^^
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Best stalker tool ever.
I rather like this idea, but just for the thought of others -- there should be a button we could click to turn it off (in case it annoys others).
Sorry if I made no sense. xD

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