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Rissie Day
I like the private message notifications and the announcements, but not when someone quotes me or my wishlist is listed in the marketplace for _____ gold. Basically, the little green notices annoy me. neutral

not sure if solved or not but thats easy to fix. just go to "my gaia" and under those notifications there should be "settings" then just uncheck what you dont want to see
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I have a question and I never thought to click the box before I purchased the Gcash but there is this box when you are trying to "earn Gaia Cash" on the offers page that says "Disable ads once you reach offers of 249 Gcash or more" or something like that but the moment you purchase Gaia cash that page is no longer available and that box is not accessible and with all this alchemy stuff it makes it really hard to get those "reward giving" ads,
so the question is, How do I re-enable the ads if I can't find that page or that box when it's not under settings, account, preferences, etc etc etc, I have cleared my cookies and my cache, it's not my browser, I don't have ad-blocker on otherwise, I see "Thank you for supporting Gaia! Your donations have saved .............." is it a waiting game? or is it just that some people are "chosen".
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i had it on for months, and almlost never found it useful, it was mostly just annoying
This is the most awesome thing since awesomeness was invented. I love knowing when things like this go down.
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Wistys Lullaby
If you do not have a dev alert but wish to re-look at some of the recent ones how exactly would you get back to that page?
User ImageUser Image

I too am trying to do thusly
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If you do not have a dev alert but wish to re-look at some of the recent ones how exactly would you get back to that page?
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It's great that we have these, though I can't figure out how to get to the Dev Alerts after I've already clicked the "Dev Alerts" bubble... @_@ I might just be this stupid....
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I love this feature! And as much as you peeps joke about how few people may use it, I read it very thoroughly *nodnod*
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works great and helps me to know why im haveing certin issues like when the cash tree was down cool think.
but i wounder whats about that dev club oo but maybe im just missing somethink
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the story updates are just plain annoying- is there any way to get rid of the story updates but keep the others?
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The manga updates and dev notices are cool at times but after about a week they became very annoying. I think that this should be optional for all gians, and not made part of the main site.
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I'm not sure how to turn dev notices ON. Someone tell me please? redface

Go to the labs page and click activate
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I really enjoy having the Dev notices. If I have a problem with the site, I can refer to them, and see if they are currently fixing that bug. Or when the next event will be launched, or if there's something wrong with it, and it will be delayed.
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hola! necesito ayuda urgente!
yo tengo solo 38 conejos y me faltan 2 me podrian decir donde puedo buscar porfavor!
y de paso dcirme donde queda "dev. notice"!
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