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I would like Color Switcher to be added to Gaia Menu?

Yes 0.90125982556261 90.1% [ 8370 ]
No 0.019274254334015 1.9% [ 179 ]
Maybe 0.07946592010337 7.9% [ 738 ]
Total Votes:[ 9287 ]
This poll closed on March 12, 2010.
No longer accepting new votes.
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smile it's a great idea, but redface when ever i try it nothing happens cry guess there r still some bugs to work out sweatdrop
MyMoonlitDream's avatar

Romantic Trafficker

I would love to see this promoted to a full feature. My only complaint is that when the bar changes, the bit in the upper right hand corner (with your gold amount, gaia cash, and a logout option) does not, making it look a bit mismatched.
-Im So Holdable-'s avatar

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ITS AWESOME but the color doesnt stay purple sad
Yilanti Midnight's avatar

Questionable Connoisseur

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  • Ultimate Player 200
I love this feature so much! 8D
                        ★ Shh...your leader is speaking! ★

                              BUT, I forgot to say.
                              Mine isn't working at the moment.
                              I can't tell if the colors are good because
                              whenever I click a color, it still stays on blue.

                        ★ Okies. She is done now. You can go. ★
I like it, but when I change pages it switches back.
Maylily's avatar

Witty Ladykiller

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  • Survivor 150
It's a nice little feature. I always liked the purple better. It'd be nice if the log out bar at the top changed too though. I can't wait for this ^^
i just activiated it and it diddnt change the color at all when i selected purple ;~;
Nyx Queen of Darkness's avatar

Devout Bloodsucker

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More colours and shades would be wonderful. I think it's a wonderful addition and I hope it stays!
MrsrachaelSnape's avatar

Invisible Cat

I love the Color Switcher just wish it keeps the color you selected.
I think it would be great if you could set different colours for each landing page and a set colour for general browsing/make some use of the inconsistency
Kaylilly's avatar

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I really like this feature. HOWEVER, I wish the bar up at the top of the page where it shows your gold and lets you sign out would change color to match as well. Seems kind of silly to me to change the bar, when then the other box doesn't match it.
It's okay. I'd like to see it added to Gaia but, whenever you go to a new page it switches back to blue. Is it supposed to do that? Pretty useless if it is. It'd be nice to see more colors too.
Keepsake Key's avatar

Dangerous Lunatic

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I really like it, though I do want it to STAY purple.
Ravenclaw-Airbender's avatar

Mewling Pup

I love the option! Hope there is more colours in the future, and is it just because it's new or is it supposed to change back to the original blue when you page switch?

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