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I would like Color Switcher to be added to Gaia Menu?

Yes 0.90125982556261 90.1% [ 8370 ]
No 0.019274254334015 1.9% [ 179 ]
Maybe 0.07946592010337 7.9% [ 738 ]
Total Votes:[ 9287 ]
This poll closed on March 12, 2010.
No longer accepting new votes.
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When we updated Gaia Menu to the new Mega Menu, we chose to change its color to blue. Many users were not happy with that change - they were very attached to the old purple theme, which got clearly expressed in the 'Site feedback' threads.

Color switcher is the solution to the disappointment over the theme color shift. Color Switcher is a cool feature that lets you change the theme of the menu. You can choose between six colors for now, but the number of colors might be increased in a future. It is also not persistent yet - meaning the color change does not follow you when you click around Gaia. As next update to the Color Switcher, I want to add the same functionality to the footer.

Please try out the Color Switcher and write your feedback!

Update 2:20PM: Added a bit of code to make the color persistent. ~pan

Feb 8th update:

Thank you for voting on the poll, and for all your feedback provided through the forum and pms - I very much appreciate it. Most of you reported to have issues with the color switcher not working on IE browsers. Pretty much everybody wanted it to be persistent through out the site. First patch for the color switcher went out today, and it included a fix for the IE issues and the persistent color. There are also some cool new features. I added a grey/black color option and the header theam will now match your menu color smile Hope you like it.

March 5th update:

Color Switcher is currently not working - some of our other features that were released this week caused it to break. I have a fix ready and it will be released on Monday morning. So please do not remove color switcher from your gaia lab page - it will all work again soon, I promise smile

March 8th update:

The fix for the issue that was introduced last week, has been just released. Everything should work now. Thanks for using the color switcher smile
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Fashionable Hoarder

I don't know if it's ok to post yet, but I love this! It will be lovely when the color change does become persistent, that's about the only thing that I find bothersome at this point.
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Tipsy Fairy

Thank you so much. I was not diggin' the blue, so being able to change the color is an absolute joy!
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I'm thinking I might just be slow, but how to switch colors after activating this is not immediately obvious to me...*continues looking*

Edit: okay, it was shown to me, just didn't spot that little arrow before. I like it smile
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As soon as you make this feature persistent, it will be the most awesome thing ever.

Until that point, it's great and very well done, but having to constantly switch is, well, unfortunately somewhat pointless. I'll keep it enabled in hopes the persistency will be a quick addition, though.

(Carbonphyber made the winter footer theme persistent -- you should borrow his code. wink )

edit: Oh sweet, it is persistent now. Thank you, I love it so much. heart
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This is excellent! I will love this more when it is persistent, but great job!
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Ania is taking a day off, but: it definitely should be persistent, and it's a known bug that it doesn't. It was done quickly as an experiment to see how it would look and if the users would react favorably to changing some aspects of the environment.

So, when you're voting on this, vote on it assuming that it would be made persistent before it went to the live site.
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This is awesome! I can't wait for it to be persistent. I like that the arrow to switch colors is small and non-intrusive on the nav bar. 3nodding
I love it~ heart Yay purple! I would like to see even more colors, though.
Awesome. whee
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Dangerous Lunatic

I LOVE it!
But I think we should be able to make our own colors, or upload our own pictures to use for it. <3

There is ONE issue, I have to keep changing the color no matter where I go.
It doesn't stay the color I pick. : (
I love this!!! so cool! i just wish the color would stay when i switch pages! ^_^

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I like it. =3
It's great. I love it.

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