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Should the site be centered

yes 0.098483052856127 9.8% [ 831 ]
yes - but give us an option to turn it off 0.31239630244134 31.2% [ 2636 ]
yes - but limit it to certain sections of the site 0.021569092201944 2.2% [ 182 ]
yes - but let us choose from several backgrounds 0.45603223512681 45.6% [ 3848 ]
no 0.11151931737379 11.2% [ 941 ]
Total Votes:[ 8438 ]
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x-Ivory_Feld-x's avatar

IRL Bibliophile

Just being centered works, is classy and I like it. Although I get that weird blue highlight around everything and it's kind of hard to focus on the site. (I use internet explorer.) Plus at the very bottom, due to the picture background, you can BARELY see gaia's important quick links D;
Hrobnik's avatar

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Looks alright. Once you work out the bugs with transparent forums and let us choose backgrounds, it'll be awesome. Definitely wanna keep it heart
Falling down doesn't hurt....

I think it's an interesting change, but the Forums with the Halo Effect, and the background can get a tap annoying.

I couldn't keep it though... Too much of a change for me and I got a tad confused. sweatdrop

The harsh feeling deep in your chest will go away after a while...
Kiyoshi Kokoro's avatar

Shameless Sex Symbol

Finally... but the background is so blah... Just keep it plain. Or allow us to change it. Also the forums didn't need to be centered.
I don't like it much.
It makes everything cluttered and smaller.
I think what we have it good. :]
myako_kaito's avatar

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This feature would be great... if there were some motives, perhaps? Besides flowers. I donĀ“t care that much about the white/blue problem, but some other color and theme ould be great.
StaticyHair's avatar

Friendly Lunatic

I think it looks amazing personally. No complaints here!
I have to agree that the aesthetic pleasure I"m getting out of this layout is awesome. But It's causing my computer to lag hard core and the transparent layout for forums is somewhat confusing...
Triumph Forks's avatar

Eloquent Lunatic

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Eh, I don't like it so much right now. Maybe the entire header at the top should be extended to both ends of the screen, since a lot of people have their browsers taking up the full window.

As for the background...it's rather...bland. But the flowers at the bottom are nice. I think for a background, you should go old school and use a classic Gaia wallpaper. 3nodding

Also, all the posts on the forums are just white blocks on a blue background. That is something that should be fixed, as well.
Centering is good but, the background on the forum needs be be white. It looks really weird with floating white blocks and the blue might make somethings hard to read.
gonebonkers9000's avatar

Hygenic Fatcat

good idea. but a free selection of bg would be nice
1upMushroomCloud's avatar

Quotable Prophet

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It doesn't look natural. It just looks awkward, and I prefer the old layout.
Luna_V-3's avatar

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i like it but im having issues in forums, im using firefox, i dont know if that makes a difference.

the page becomes split up, and each post is in a seperate box to the next.
Shouyosei's avatar

Sparkling Bookworm

It's a good idea, BUT....

It's a little distracting. The background is questionable. I think it should stay white (or be able to be picked? hinty hint!)... It kind of hurts, so I deactivated it.

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