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Should the site be centered

yes 0.098483052856127 9.8% [ 831 ]
yes - but give us an option to turn it off 0.31239630244134 31.2% [ 2636 ]
yes - but limit it to certain sections of the site 0.021569092201944 2.2% [ 182 ]
yes - but let us choose from several backgrounds 0.45603223512681 45.6% [ 3848 ]
no 0.11151931737379 11.2% [ 941 ]
Total Votes:[ 8438 ]
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I'm using Firefox. I love how the rest of the site looks except forums. They could use a bit more work. They shouldn't look any different except they are centered with a background. We haven't seemed to have gotten there yet. Fix this and I'll be very happy with this.

I have a wide screen monitor, so it will be nice to see the site right in the middle of it, rather left aligned.

My only other though is the picture. I'd love to see something more Gaia oriented. We have such lovely artists and and such lovely NPC. I'd love to be able to correlate the Gaia tool bar color changer thing and make it a complete theme set for Gaia. The I can have a Liam themed Gaia and be very happy. redface Lol.

I LOVE the concept don't like the back ground it gives though.
I think the one thing I disliked about the New Gaia was that it looked like a old card bored box. It was very dull and boring when companied to the older much brighter Gaia.
I think the more of the navi we get to customize the better.
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i lke it better non-centered...the centered look gives it too much of a neopets feel...yuck >.<
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There's some issues with no white/grey backgrounds in areas there should be like in guilds:
User Image

and forum threads
User Image
it's not bad..... i'd think about making the background changeable, instead of just flowers and the light blue
I think it looks really ugly.
I'm very comfortable with my wide screen setting, and I enjoy the fact that my forums are spread out.
A smaller, centered screen looks funky and doesn't feel as comfortable for me.
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The only problem is that it is kind of hard to read some of the text over the image.
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I like the update, but I think we should also be able to pick the background. But awesome!
Centered site is much better; though the general forum layout and blue background would take some getting used to.
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I don't think centering is a good idea.. I have a wide screen and it just looks odd..

I miss stuff on the (I almost expect a menu there) and the transition between the normal screen and the background looks very abrupt.

The problem in that transition is not because of the background itself, but because the menu and the site just stops..
I'd like to see that intergrated in the background, but that would be troublesome for people with a normal screen, so that's no option either..

Conclusion: I like the current layout better..

P.s. I'll keep the feature for a while and let you know if my opinion has changed in time..

Edit: I assume the blue/white forum stuff is a glitch?
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It doesn't match with threads, messes with the forums, and the flower picture, is a no. Make it match with the rest of gaia, and I would download it.

Also, It does not work at all with guilds, as Alterdeus said.
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I love the changes that have been made. It is very beautiful and I hope you all keep up the good work.
love it, hating the blue background though. (N)
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it have a lot of issues... but the idea is
good, it have too many white spaces in the layout... too much transparent confused me @___@
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I like it better with everything centered but not a fan of the blue background or the flowers.
I think it'd be pretty interesting if you could customize the background but I'm sure that'd be somewhat more work than worth the struggle.

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