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Should the site be centered

yes 0.098483052856127 9.8% [ 831 ]
yes - but give us an option to turn it off 0.31239630244134 31.2% [ 2636 ]
yes - but limit it to certain sections of the site 0.021569092201944 2.2% [ 182 ]
yes - but let us choose from several backgrounds 0.45603223512681 45.6% [ 3848 ]
no 0.11151931737379 11.2% [ 941 ]
Total Votes:[ 8438 ]
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Divine Hellhound

I LOVE this feature, but I don't use it. Here is my list of fixes that would make me LOVE centering the cite all the time!

1. The links at the bottom. It looks so awkwardly alone. It should span the whole bottom to fill in the blanks to the right of all the links - much like the links are in normal viewing mode, just made to span that little space in the middle.

2. The bar at the top image looks HORRIBLE with another background image! One of two things could fix it, 1 contain the top image with a boarder of some sort to distinguish the middle more from the background image 2. Scrap the top image altogether (I would choose 2). The avi could just hover there, it would look far better.

3. The forum view looks silly, since the white is not contained by any boarder! I think that if you put a boarder around the white, then much like on the home page added that gray polka dot background around it it would make it feel much more self contained and look nicer.

Let me know what you think of my suggestions! c: Keep up the good work, and I hope to see this remain in development because with some fixes this would be how I choose to view the site all the time. Especially using a wide screen monitor! The forums look awful in widescreen:

User Image
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Distinct Gaian

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I love it!! It makes our game more inviting, now we truly feel Gaia is our Home. Thank you!!.
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Man-Hungry Werewolf

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I like it. I love it. I especially love it when playing Resort World. The rest of the site, I don't even notice it. So it's fine either way.

I don't care whether we can turn it off or not.
The only time I think I'd wanna turn it off is if it interferes with some of the graphics. --Which so far has just been the ads. ...Which I don't mind at all.
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Fashionable Fairy

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It looks great!
Except in the roleplaying forums, for people who enjoy coding and graphics, it kind of messes up the layouts of our posts.
And so, while I think it looked great! Perhaps an option to extend the margins so it gives us more room for coding/graphics?
I love this. I have a widescreen monitor and it gets really annoying to always have to look to the left of the screen...
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I love this and didn't even know for ages It was part of gaia labs, I had to deactive it to see what it looked like before. I think it looks gorgeous and I have always loved the backgrounds
Yes...I think it makes everything just alittle organized and needer.
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Sparkly Gekko

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I don't like the way the posts look in the forum. With t every thing like normal, the posts are spread across my screen, shrinking the size a little. With the entire site centered, everything is shrunk because the margins on both sides are to wide in my opinion.

I do like having the main navigation pages centered, however. It's a lot nicer than having to constantly be facing left. I feel the same way about the 'post a reply' page.

If you want to make this permanent, I would suggest leaving the threads as they are, so they aren't shrunk so much. Everything else is wonderful.
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Just wanted to say that I absolutely looove the centered look for the site. It'd be awesome if we had choices of different color schemes, themes and characters. It seems so much more lively~
I think this makes the site look 10x neater, along with the HUD color change option. It feels less stocky and more... Well, just neater. Better looking, faster looking. All that good stuff.
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Magical Cutesmasher

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The centered site is better on the contents, but there are still bugs to fix... One's on the site menu, located on the bottom. It is not aligning properly... on my Firefox browser, anyway.
This is great! I'd love the option to be able to change backgrounds, and even set your own. Keep up the good work, labs!
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Peaceful Demigod

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Needs more open space so you can see the background showing through like this reply area the separate windows(Post Style, Post a Reply, ect) be floaters and all this solid grey gone or change the opacity. Top background changes/matches centered bg. Maybe custom backgrounds.
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Invisible Vampire

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I felt that Gaia could do with a visual update so I centered the site. Feel free to comment on whether you like it, would only have it on certain pages or would rather do without it. While surfing Gaia in its centered form you'll most likely see some visual bugs. These will be addressed if we ever decide to permanently center the site.

The background right now is a placeholder. Once I figure out a good enough bribe I will get an artist to work on something awesome. So don't let the current graphic sway your decision.

The forums currently has a bug and is not suppose to appear as it does.
sorry guys edited the poll to provide more options. please vote again if you get a chance

UPDATE 1/13/10
changed the background to one that integrates better with the site. carbonphyber fixed the bug in forums

i love the centered site, it makes everything easier on the eyes if u ask me... i'd rather be able to look straight ahead at what im seeing the have to move to see it like that... if u work out the bugs i think it would be a great thing to add to the site... tho maybe add the "turn it off" button for those who dont like and maybe the option for different backgrounds smile
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I like this feature in theory, but I'm on a laptop with a widescreen display. I would love to have Gaia centered in places like the post reply page and anywhere else that the part of Gaia which is displayed is shoved off to one side. But when I'm just browsing forums or guild posts to read them, I loose all benefit of my wider screen, and the border on each side is large. It probably wouldn't be so bad if there were a bunch of images to choose from to show up in that border area.

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