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Should the site be centered

yes 0.098483052856127 9.8% [ 831 ]
yes - but give us an option to turn it off 0.31239630244134 31.2% [ 2636 ]
yes - but limit it to certain sections of the site 0.021569092201944 2.2% [ 182 ]
yes - but let us choose from several backgrounds 0.45603223512681 45.6% [ 3848 ]
no 0.11151931737379 11.2% [ 941 ]
Total Votes:[ 8438 ]
I prefer it centered. Makes it look neater.

However, it's a real shame that the majority of the image in the background is immediately taken over by the actual content of the site.

Other than that, does anyone else have an issue where a bunch of items are lined up in a 2 columns? The links at the bottom where it links to the TOS, the Rules and Guidelines, etc...? Or is this justme?
There's a bug in posting stuff xD
The text formatting stuff aren't centered xD
I like the centered site-
however, I think the centered site sould be wider- becuase everything's so crammed.
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The above post is my major qualm as well. It'd be nice if it were a little wider, or at least have the ability to expand and reduce the size of the centred information. :3

I assume (and this is going of a 2nd year university assumption of web design) passing in a variable from some form in Settings (or elsewhere where relevant) and saving it where the rest of the user's session data is saved, then calling that as the width of the column through php would be an easy method of going about this fix?

Then people could customise the size to their particular screen.

I don't know. I really love the centred website, but it is definitely crammed, especially with some of the post sequences I use in forums.
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Threads will need to be adjusted if a centered site is launched. Also, the bottom navigation links need to be adjusted as it is a huge box on my browser... possibly make it into a bar instead of a box.
Background options or a neutral choice (for slower connections) would be great.
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I love this update but the one thing I don't like is how the menu at the bottom blocks up rather than spreading out. It stretches the page and makes it look bad. And it's not centered.

Other than that it's great smile I'd say give the option to turn it off and do multiple backgrounds, choice or switching. heart
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Things I'd like:
• Online status notifier so I know if a user is online
• The Drop-down box (PM, Trade, Friend, etc.)
• Instant On/Off screen centering button, in the event of using a different computer that "scrunches" things up
• Keep the site map box at the bottom as. It's nice to be able to just scroll and look at the background image
Omg its so cute!
Its Great mrgreen
IT'S SO AWESOME!!!!! mrgreen Maybe add different backgrounds to choose from, and an option to turn it off smile i love this biggrin
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I know this is not a big deal to anyone but i am OCD and so at the bottom of the page where is says this:

About UsTerms
of Service
PRIVACY NOTICERules & Guidelines
Safety Tips
Information for ParentsFAQ / HELP
Site Map
Advertise With Us
Dress Up
Find Friends
My Stuff

could be even across the bottom of the screen and not just to the side in a block. lolz it just bothers me alot
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The worst part when I decenter the site it looks freakish unlike back way when it did not have the center feature.

It's like the made it look that way to have everyone center it.
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A very cool feature. itw ould be nice if we could get multiple backgrounds/make a custom background
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I absolutely love this.
I just discovered Gaia labs and decided to try out a few things, this I LOVE as I usually ALWAYS center anything I do in forums.

Just wondering though if by activating the center feature does it mess with the script for the links at the bottom of the page.

I've noticed that instead of the links of the bottom being spread out evenly, they're boxed and to the left in two rows. I'm slightly OCD when it comes to things being 'even/organized' LOL If they were spread out or centered as well that would work, but being on the left like that really bugs me.

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