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Should the site be centered

yes 0.098483052856127 9.8% [ 831 ]
yes - but give us an option to turn it off 0.31239630244134 31.2% [ 2636 ]
yes - but limit it to certain sections of the site 0.021569092201944 2.2% [ 182 ]
yes - but let us choose from several backgrounds 0.45603223512681 45.6% [ 3848 ]
no 0.11151931737379 11.2% [ 941 ]
Total Votes:[ 8438 ]
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Beautifully Meaningful's avatar

Vicious Kitten

I love the idea, and I think that once the bugs get fixed it will be great!
To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of the centering. While it isn't a bad idea, I'm just bias because I like having my window up and full.
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The only thing I don't like is the background image, I'd rather pick my own.
User ImageUser Image
» I don't like it at all. The forums are horrible. ):
And on my huge screen, Gaia just looks lost. I like how it stretches, now.
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I liked it for the most part... looked really clean and cool (except for the area with the copyrights and additional links was kind of hard to read.). The one thing I didn't like was when I was surfing the threads the background was blue... Wasn't all that appealing to the eyes. If this was changed a little bit, or maybe could be adjustable dependent on the person that'd be awesome. All in all a great idea ^_^
In firefox, if you zoom into the page it breaks everything down into ugly boxes. the background is also just too much. if it was just a white background or just a continuation of the actual content it wouldn't be such an eye sore.

but finally a centered gaia woot! ^o^
I'll just wait for the perfected version lol
not a big fan of it..
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Lonely Cat

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needs work
how about utilizing the space of wide screens
you are able to detect this

store it in a cookie and use a php file to generate the global css file
NO! Everything's so damn small!
No thank you!!!!!!!
I like my Gaia normal. It looks like such a small-business, homemade site when it's centered.
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grew dim and then died

I just don't like it.
I'm so used to the way Gaia is now that it completely threw me off.
I think as long as it was kept optional okay.
It would take a LOT of getting used to for me.

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as the poison inside
reached her heart

o.O Ironic seeing you here Icy. Gaia is HOW BIG? and we post on the same page of a debate thread xd weird.
love it, now gaia doesn't look so stupid on wide-screen monitors
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Wild Lover

I tried centering the site, but it cut off the header and turned the lower part blue, forms looked weird for me too..
I like the idea of the site being centered.. there's just some details that needs to be fixed ^^
that background is annoying
I like the idea, it's awesome looking.
Two slight problems.
1. The banner at the top that shows your avatar and your function options, should stretch all the way across.
2. The flat blue until you hit the bottom is more or less just plain boring, add some subtle design and it would look perfect.

I submitted this without looking at this thread at all so if any ideas have already been suggested sorry. sweatdrop
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Sunrise Stomp!
Love the centering, just need to fix that white-halo effect around the text in threads. It does make it odd.

Please Fix it O.O

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