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crud. i was really looking forward to this ;-;
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Aww, don't remove it because of the whackjobs complaining about "forcing". It's a good darn feature, and BG players who can't load sigs like it a lot.
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[~. Aww... that sucks. It was a good feature and a lot of people with older computers could really benefit from it. Just like all lab features, if a person isn't going to use it, then they won't enable it. Just don't make a default feature for the big fat cry babies.

Or like the new toolbar, which I HATEbeyond all reason, make it so you turn it off and on.

If your going to turn it off, you should have had a poll to gauge how more causal testers see it at least, Instead of just the very happy and the very pissed off.
pirate .~]
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Reve Casse
I think the button is a useless feature!
I will never use use it.
I could care less. rolleyes
It isn't Rocket Science to find a glowing tank to play.
I have a fast computer, the fastest internet I can get in my area..... so I could care less.
No big whoop for me!

thanks for the booty grab smile
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I have yet to see it visible anywhere. It does not help if a tank owner can't see their own tank glowing for bumping purposes. The glow timers that were floating around BG worked very well, should not have disabled them to give us your non-working version. A waste of time.

thanks for the booty grab smile
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Tipsy Genius

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I agree it was a very good feature. I wish I had a chance to check it out more after they tweaked the false positives stuff. T-T

Please bring back the feature <3 if not for opt-in service then at least for more testing so we can make it more awesome biggrin
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i really like this feature waaay less lag for me
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Spring cleaning proposal to return this? Or will it just be removed again when a small handful of people throw a fit?
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Clearing up some misunderstandings:
- False positives were definitely an issue. Change went out about an hour ago that should fix the false positives.
- Nothing was removed in order to add this feature, nor did we disable any offsite features.

However, given the negative feedback, it looks like we'll be removing this feature soon.

I really wish you wouldnt. This feature made my flashplayer finally have enough speed to catch bootygrabs and not get kicked out of tanks all the time because they are full.
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Desirable Muse

THANK YOU for taking this feature back.. I've seriously lost my browser because of a crash when having the aquariums active to try and catch a glow.. This feature works wonders for me with a slow/laggy computer..
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In a relationship with Lithium Filth

Cute Bunny


Thank you for bringing the button back! <3

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this lab!

(I also like Pan's "suggestion" for the haters not to turn it on)
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Thank you so much for turning this feature back on.
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*does an ecstatic happy dance* THANK YOU, PAN!!! I'm so happy you brought this back--you've put a huge smile back on my face at the end of a long, hectic week! heart biggrin heart

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! *gives Pan a big bearhug* whee
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First off, I just booty grabbed like five times in the past five pages. nice odds. xD

Second, this is really useful because you can turn tanks off to reduce lag. I love it! Thank you, gaian admins, this is really handy! xD Glad you turned it back on, too. C:
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I do like it, and I know you're trying to match with things, but could you maybe make it a different colour? Or something to make it pop out more than the other tabs? I know it does quite a bit, but I'd like to see it somehow be a bit more special then the other buttons. I mean, it's fine how it is, don't get me wrong, but I think it would improve it a bit. I wish I was good at photo editing so I could pick up some examples.

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