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roux fraise
I am extremely stupid and I just can not figure out where I can activate that button crying .

Click on World on the main menu at the top beside of Games and you will see Gaia Labs - click on it and then Activate the Glow Feature : )
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I *love* the BG indicator button. It really cuts down on the lag because the page doesn't have to load all of the aquariums in sigs. Thank you so much!
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Merina Lopez
Great idea! I actually love it since I'm a booty grab addict! ^^

edit: I'm the first one to post?! O.O Sweetness! biggrin

Hey!! how do i play booty... idk how.. is in ut own tank or in otherss?

You play the game on other people's tanks when their tanks say "BOOTY GRAB"

Here is a list of guides - if you have never played, try the last link in the 1st post on this page:


This is a Sticky in the Gaia Aquarium area if you ever need to get back there.
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This feature is very useful, Thanks so much! biggrin
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I missed this the first time it popped up here, so I've been testing this feature blind. Prognosis: love it.

If I'm in the aquariums forum trying to promote my tank, as well as spend any amount of time playing Booty Grab, I can appreciate any effort that makes the pages load more quickly for me, and reduces lag when I try to bump a glowing thread and open a tank for play. All I have to do is turn on the feature, and turn aquariums off in signatures. I thought the button might be easy to miss, but if you're reloading the main aquarium page to catch glowing tanks, then you already know that a tank is glowing. This is particularly nice when there are several tanks with really laggy fish in them are on one page.

Then, when I'm done with my 'serious' (for lack of a better word) tank trawling, I can turn aquariums back on and enjoy looking through tanks or tapping them.

This was an option that I didn't even know I wanted.
simply love it, even though I hardly ever play
play booty grab
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I really love the indicator. It's very helpful! Thank you!
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does it works
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I'm a bit of a Gaiaddict... While I fish I also play a few games of BG, the glow indicator has reduced the lag substantially and allowed me to seek out more tanks than I was before...

See, before there was this thread (which shall remain nameless) which helped find the glowing tanks without the laggy signature tank. With the glow indicator, that thread isnt visited as much by me, and I end up grabbing from many other peoples tanks, instead of just the normal 150 or so persons listed in said thread

Thanks for this option, please keep it! 3nodding
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You can already see a tank glowing without this button. The only reason it would be useful is to see your own tank glowing. Otherwise, it's a useless feature. What is the point of blocking tank owners from seeing their own tank glowing?
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Clearing up some misunderstandings:
- False positives were definitely an issue. Change went out about an hour ago that should fix the false positives.
- Nothing was removed in order to add this feature, nor did we disable any offsite features.

However, given the negative feedback, it looks like we'll be removing this feature soon.

I really wish you wouldnt. This feature made my flashplayer finally have enough speed to catch bootygrabs and not get kicked out of tanks all the time because they are full.
Thanks for the booty grab

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