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I didn't have a chance to say this before, so I'll say it now--I really really like this feature! It's absolutely excellent! It allows me to quickly know whether a tank is active or not, without having to wait for an entire page to load (some of which have elongated posts which are either very text or image heavy, usually a combination of both). I was put out that it was taken down before, but I'm glad to see that it's back! I hope it's here to stay. 3nodding
can i have some invites
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i dont know why my booty grab dont work at all i cant do anybody tank i need help
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love it now get that one site back up with all tanks -.-" u guys take away all the good s**t :/
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Found the right thread - I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new GLOW BUTTON from Labs -
Thank You
I like this feature because I've noticed considerably less lag when loading/playing tanks when using it. Glad it's been brought back!
For those of you that hate the very idea of this feature and consider it it all things anti-puppy and rainbows, we suggest that you do not turn it on. Thank you.

No! not anti Puppy and rainbows eek
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I am extremely stupid and I just can not figure out where I can activate that button crying .
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roux fraise
I am extremely stupid and I just can not figure out where I can activate that button crying .

Hover over the "World" tab, and one of the options should be Gaia Labs. Go there, and scroll down until you find the option. smile

On Topic: Personally, the option has been working fine for me, and since I could care less what's in the tanks I play unless I'm actually IN the Aquarium forum (where every thread is labeled as to what's in it anyway), I love not having to have the tanks cluttering up the pages. smile The button brings up the tanks, and all the ones I have tried have been glowing when they are supposed to be.
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I do like it, and I know you're trying to match with things, but could you maybe make it a different colour? Or something to make it pop out more than the other tabs? I know it does quite a bit, but I'd like to see it somehow be a bit more special then the other buttons. I mean, it's fine how it is, don't get me wrong, but I think it would improve it a bit. I wish I was good at photo editing so I could pick up some examples.

I agree with this, though. Have a "glow" around it, or something, that should be easy enough to do in CSS. Or make it bright green. Something eye-catching, and not so matchy.

Not that matchy is bad. I think it looks pretty as is... just not eye-catching. smile

I'd also like it if it was able to give us an indicator that the tank was going to glow soon, like the one in my sig does.
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Merina Lopez
Great idea! I actually love it since I'm a booty grab addict! ^^

edit: I'm the first one to post?! O.O Sweetness! biggrin

Hey!! how do i play booty... idk how.. is in ut own tank or in otherss?
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I like everything so far except theres no more Gwees in Phin Phang. sad

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