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This will be a great update. I've seen a bunch of things that would a great wallpaper, icon, etc. but never had a wasy of using them. Now I will!
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I LOVE this!!! I think you should add more animal related ones. Especially saaaay... Rabbits? blaugh heart
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I love this! More wallpapers please, most of them are so adorable!!!
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These are great ^.^ I hope they add even more images over time too. I'd like to see all the aquarium backgrounds turned into desktop wallpapers ^.^
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awesome, I love this feature heart
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I love the idea. heart
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I love it! I like finding cool wall papers to use on my desktop, so these are all just great. (=
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give the developer a hug for me! i was having a crappy day, but that alone just made it truly wonderful!
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The artwork in the Artist's Corner is soooooo freakin' amazing! whee

Seriously, I am impressed 3nodding Everything looked either gorgeous or cute, so I think it's a great idea to show off the artist's skills to us mortal humans! wink

Way too cool~ whee ...
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Needs some work, links seem off. But I love the idea. I love the Art. and I'm glad the staff and team is able to show off both their art and these new codes! Love it!
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Like many have said, I absolutely love this idea! The artists of Gaia are really amazing and it's wonderful to have one place to find their Gaia related work instead of having to dig through old posts and photobucket.

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The wallpaper/art corner is a fantastic idea and I'm glad to see it's finally appeared! PLEASE keep this as a free downloads thing and regularly updated on the site! Even a new wallpaper once every month or two would be very sweet. THANK YOU!!!
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Love this! Thank you, Derlaine!
awesome! heart
Under Wallpaper > Halloween 2007

The 5th wallpaper is mislinked.
Wow! Well they did say there were gonna be some bugs! sweatdrop

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