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Gaia's art team is very talented. I really like this feature to be able to download some of the great art - a lot of which I hope is still coming.
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i love it! biggrin so cutew !! I want more paprecrafts! biggrin
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Now if you can just keep this thing updated we'll be all set.
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It's great~! heart
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Very nice. LOVE the hot tub scene!
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I approve of this feature. Wallpapers are always nice. And the artists are obviously quite talented. smile

Frig man, you could sell those posters in the gaia store and I would buy them. biggrin
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Wow, I like this idea even more than the outfits one!
Will definitely use this to make my background less boring to look at. C;
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I FEEL YOUR LOVE REFLECTION mitsumekaesu hitomi ni egaite haruka na NEVERENDING STORY kanashimi mo itami mo furikiru you ni habataku

User ImageUser ImageThis feature is a keeper. I love it!

anata ga kureta tsubasa wo kono mune ni hirogete aa kakegaenai ai no kodou wo setsunaku kuruoshiku kanjite itai I FEEL YOUR LOVE REFLECTION
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Very nice! always a good thing! Vera Vera Nice!
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I do love the art Gaia's come up with over the years. this is a nice feature.

also, old gifs would be fun to be able to download. Rock puppy for instance. 3nodding
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Now we can make those papercrafts.
I saw one in someone's sig ages ago and searched everywhere to find it, it would be nice for people to be able to find them in the artists corner.
the abundance of louie -squeeled like a fangirl for about five minutes- he needs a realism one wehre he is shirtless.

Also, I like how he seems intimate with moira. Good job, I love it ^^
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hehe i love art!!!
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