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User Image ♪ ...smoke two joints in the morning... ♪

i first stumbled across the papercraft a couple weeks ago and fell in love.
i make that stuff all the time, more pleaseandthankyou =D
and i'm not adverse to multipage larger models wink
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Skoora, Skoora, Skoora, the gentle shark.
Skoora, Skoora. He's a killer with a broken heart.
Don't blame him! He blames himself.
Don't hate him! He hates himself.
Skoora, Skoora. Skoora the gentle shark.
You gaia guys need to make a feature that lets you save your hair styles that oyu bought in the past

I cost a forture to keep changing ~sad face~
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First off: I didn't write this feature, but the developer that actually wrote it is on a three week vacation, so I'm creating the thread for her.

We have an astoundingly talented art team, just absolutely amazing. Even though there is tons of cool work that they've done over the years, we never had an easy way of downloading it! To fix this tragic situation, Derlaine (who is no mean artist herself) whipped together a downloads page to highlight some of the pieces that the artists have done.

Please enjoy, and let us know what you think below!

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Looove iiit~
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awesome,i bet a lot of us where w8ing for this!
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cool. hopefully it will mean more backgrounds for tanks and avi's.
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the wallpapers are so beautiful~!
but it'd be great if we could know who drew/designed them!
thanks gaia!
I would love more of the paper crafts items! heart They're so cute!! I printed them out as soon as I saw them. 3nodding
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I love the art, but I would like to see more pictures of Ian. heart
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ll Justin-kun ll
You gaia guys need to make a feature that lets you save your hair styles that oyu bought in the past

I cost a forture to keep changing ~sad face~

But, you don't find it inappropriate to post off topic in thread to complain about another feature? (try site feedback or petitions. i believe there is actually a petition for that feature)
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I love this section the most!!! heart
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YES ART ART *gobbles it up* heart
Loved it when it first came up, still do.
ZOMG Wallpapers Overseer and Sentinel = WIN

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