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First off: I didn't write this feature, but the developer that actually wrote it is on a three week vacation, so I'm creating the thread for her.

We have an astoundingly talented art team, just absolutely amazing. Even though there is tons of cool work that they've done over the years, we never had an easy way of downloading it! To fix this tragic situation, Derlaine (who is no mean artist herself) whipped together a downloads page to highlight some of the pieces that the artists have done.

Please enjoy, and let us know what you think below!
Under Wallpaper > Halloween 2007

The 5th wallpaper is mislinked.
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Finally finally finally finally. All my heart to Derlaine.

Oh, just FYI (though you might already know) there's a few more wallpapers and whatnot out there that would be awesome if they were added to this page.

Summer 07
H2K7 Pre-event - the pictures aren't there anymore, but perhaps someone knows where they are?
Internet Archive of the old Downloads page - a lot of those images got turned into puzzles, I believe.

Thank you so much!
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Awesome! It's great having these all in one place like this! heart
Yes, I love this!
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Cool. biggrin
biggrin It's really about time.
Awsome guys. =3
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what an awesome idea!!! I know there are lots of people who spend the majority of their freetime/online time here on gaia. I'm sure they'd LOVE to put some of their favorite gaia artwork on their desktop! biggrin LOVE IT!
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Great! Thank you, I was just thinking "Man I need some new wallpapers in my collection"

Thank you!
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It's really cool!
I like it!

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