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There's some Formulas in the Cash Shop. They're 1 Gaia Cash o.o
I be the success rate of it coming out fine might be low and I can only imagine ALL the other items you need to buy to make it!! I bet you won't break even if you try to sell it afterwards in the marketplace/exchange! X3

I'm interested in seeing how this goes. n__n
Oh and thanks for making this thread! ♥
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Subscribing. Thx for making this thread. We are going to need it. XD
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Im kinda eh on how this alchemy thing works i am interested in leveling up but there has to be adjustments to make the experience easier. I feel most of the current recipes are too advanced and should have some cuts especially concerning fail rates on the simple recipes.

I feel if u can attain higher ranks in alchemy skill u can probably cut the price costs or require less ingredients to synth as an idea making a grind up to higher ranks worth it for the desirable items.

If it was easier to make the rig recipes easier to craft it could create a bigger demand and hopefully open up for items to synth in the market while still having the random chance aspect.

If the rate continues we may not see the harder higher leveled items for months or possibly longer unless things change.

I hope we can see the items on the market place soon. I also wanted to give my 2 gold on the matter for this.
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My only interest right now is the Ian companion item. heart
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Fabulous thread, definitely a huge help. *sigh* Hopefully something will be done about all the fail items needed to make the RIG singles.
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i like the recolor of lunarian and that rainbow octopus item gonk
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Formula 1: Famestar 2000
cost to make: 2,500 g.
need 10 bonne fire.

Formula 1: Gee Boi Turbo
cost to make: 2,500 g.
need 20 gaia-con registration goodies.

Formula 1: Lonely Star
cost to make: 2,500 g.
need 10 moon lantern.

Formula 1: Love Charm
cost to make: 2,500 g.
need 10 love doves.

Formula 1: Screen King
cost to make: 2,500 g.
need 10 modern movie makers.

Formula 1: Valefor Academy
cost to make: 2,500 g.
need 10 everygreen bound broom.

btw, if you plan on purchasing from the cash shop the rig formulas, you will have to buy two. it refuses to recognize 1gc.
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you should add this thread link to your other thread about alchemy items * U*
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lol your thread is much better presented, something i fail at.. sweatdrop

well here's the thread i made, their might some useful info there you can use;

Winter Hue
wait winter Hue.... are you the guy who posted about the outrage of the outfit shop o.o
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Anyone figure out how we get the components?
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This is so weird yet so cool.
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Thanks so much for taking the time to make this! I just can't wait to find out what the jellyfish-looking skirt is! whee
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wait winter Hue.... are you the guy who posted about the outrage of the outfit shop o.o

Hmm? I don't believe so.
I didn't make a fuss about the outfit shop.
I do have a problem with the whole alchemy feature.
However I am willing to make a list for all users to use despite my personal feelings.

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