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How about crafting different version of existing armor sets?
Per example the Barton Regular Armor (a very plain-looking but nostalgic set of armor).

User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

It could go like this:

-Consecrated Barton Regulars (name of piece of equipment)

User ImageAngel Blood x12
User ImageAngel's Tears x12
User ImageAngel Imp's Feather x20
User ImageSunstone x9
Barton Regulars (equivalent name of piece of equipment) x1

-Desecrated Barton Regulars (name of piece of equipment)

User ImageDemon Blood x13
User ImageDemon's Tears x13
User ImageDevil Imp's Claw x18
User ImageMoonstone x9
Barton Regulars (equivalent name of piece of equipment) x1

And each piece of the equipment would have its individual formula (Helmet, Armor, Boots and Gauntlets) and the end result would be a Barton Regulars Armor with a more angelic/demonic spin to it. Maybe the Consecrated one would be whiter and with feather wing motifs while the Desecrated one would be darker with bat wing motifs. Maybe each armor piece would be carved with blue/red jewels ( to represent the use of the moon/sun stones in the formula). Of course the formula's ingredients would need to be of adequate amounts according to the piece of armor they're being used on, or maybe just the amounts I described across all pieces, whichever looks better on paper.

Hope it sounds good =)

PS.: The ingredients themselves where picked because of their angelic/demonic nature, but also because a good number of them are only available from the Bifrost. That means people will have to spend money on them and that means Cresento get's rich(er)! Win/win for everyone, ya? =D
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I would like to be able to use more than just one item from the caches. I just started alchemy and it is taking forever to get the things I need. I would also love to be able to create components that I need when there is none to be found in the market place.
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any ide for good formulas level one? noobe:p
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Varying colours for zombie potions would be nice. Maybe different stages of decay for zombies. Zombie potions, zombie goo, maggot butter and other rotten items would be the components.
i would like to more items that just use stuff from the philosopher caches, you know super easy items
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I wish there were formulas to craft all the bloody backwings. I know there aren't any for the wings that aren't feathery but you could make them??? It could use the backwings which are created on level 10 so the only way to complete the formula is to have the alchemized version of the backwings. Therefore, it would be the hardest formula. Maybe even an achievement too?
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there should be formulas for birthstone items.
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Moar variety maybe? O.o
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I'd really love to have a formula to make Bael's Wings! emotion_bigheart They are so scarce...I feel like it would be easier to just make my own.
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I would LOVE a formula to make the 'Toy Rocket.' biggrin
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As a alchemical loving person I think your ingredient list should be a bit more...realistic, such as maybe add a change in levels that caches have, topaz holds gems of low value and plants as well like Ginseng and Garlic, all the way to the platinum caches holding things like ghost flower and fossils, for more spiritual mixtures..eh. but elemental weapons would be nice, as well more power related things like...a formula making you levitate instead of walking, and...I don't know..heat vision? (lol, I had too)
I would really love it is if I could start from the basic alchemic components to make various items then continue on building up from there till I can finally get items that can't afford, such as luxury items.
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Can I. Suggest some alchemy items for hard item to get for achievement,some for the sponcer items:

1 Norman
10 grasshopper
1 grass skirt
1 grass hat
5 green baseball caps

MLP items:
For shirt:
1 FMB( free item from Omega Zero)
1 Foast bottle
5 yellow ink
1 pink ink( Fluttershy)
5 red ink
1 pink ink(pinkie pie)
2 purple ink
1 white ink(rarity)
2 orange ink.
5 red ink(apple jack)
2 purple ink
1 white ink
1 pink ink( twilight sparkle)
For backpacks:
(same number items for shirts above)
2 sweetheart teddy backpacks
(Same number of inks for shirts above)
For companions:
(same number items for shirts above)
(Same number inks for shirts above)
1 staromony
For SD dolls:
1 SD dolls case
(Same number items for shirts above)
(Same number inks for shirts above)
1 SD staramory
Sorry I didn't add rainbow dash items,princess celestia items or Luna.

For Rainbow Dash item:
(Same items for shirts above)
1 blue ink
1 green ink
1 yellow ink
1 orange ink
1 red ink
1 purple ink
(Same items for shirts above)
(Same backpacks for backpack above)
(Same ink for rainbow dash version above here)
(Same items for shirts above)
(Same item for companion above)
(Same ink for rainbow dash above)
SD doll:
(Same items for shirts above)
(Same items SD dolls above)
(Same inks for rainbow dash above)

I'll add more later..

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