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I would like more formulas that make use of Daily Chance items at every level.
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I wish there were an Alchemy Cauldron. So,maybe, we could mix a bit of this and a bit of that to see what we get? *the possibilities are endless biggrin * rofl
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Formula 6: Spirit Pyre

Buy price: 100 gold

Cost to craft: 6000 gold


1 Diablo Magnum
5 Spirit Pyre Rune
10 of any Drop Dead Gorgeous Skull Choker
10 Human Skull
1 Fiery Curse

Chance of success: Medium
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Item formula for GoFushion Charms suggestion;

Level 2 formula

Ruby (Gold)
Love Note Scraps (Emerald)
Rose Quartz (Emerald)
Plastic token (Emerald)
Tropical Clay (Aquamarine)

Level 4 formula

Stardust (Garnet)
Amethyst (Emerald)
Adamantium (Platinum)
Plastic token (Emerald)
Tropical Clay (Aquamarine)

Level 6 formula

Diamondite (Sapphire)
Aquamarine (Topaz)
Sapphire (Ruby)
Diamond (Diamond)
Adamantium (Platinum)
Plastic token (Emerald)
Tropical Clay (Aquamarine)

-the ones inside the () are the chache's where the items come from,
and i figure for the different charms; a gemstone in the same color and things which minds of the charm ^_^'
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Shameless Man-Lover

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How about making formulas for all of your new RiG-items?
since there's quite a lot of those now ;p

it would be nice if the formulas included more alchemy components though?
-since some of the caches are feeling kind of excessive with all of the other items necessary for crafting sweatdrop

it'd be nice with some updates on the EI- formulas too,
add the new EIs and REIs?
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Distinct Prophet

Having the Case Meow formula able to use any of the 12 of the Case of Pietro Generations instead of only 10.

And also having a forumla to make the Case of Pietro.
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yeah, the starter item was super awesome.
I sincerely wish there was a way (even if the chances were much slimmer) to make the subcomponents for the formula recipes.

I foolishly thought making Valefor Academy would be easy because it was lvl 1 and it was 1 gaia cash....
and it turns out that I'm going to be needing 10 brooms (worth about 10 bil/each or so) to make a random item...
how about something much more simple?
like... uh...
alchemy formula 0: stick
use 10 seeds, use 100 dirt, use 500 water (attainable either at game shop or from actual minigames) and 1 gift of time and 1 gift of nature for (make a quest for those) : 10% chance to gain a stick

alchemy formula 0: bundle of straw
use 100 seeds, use 500 dirt, 10 gift of nature for: 25 % chance to gain straw

alchemy formula 0: broom
1 stick, 10 bundle of straw, cord (quest for it) : 10 % chance to gain a broom

and finally: alchemy formula 1 - get 10 brooms, make the dang random package thingy.

it would totally get me to play online more often.

EDIT: oh wow, I just found the Alchemist case formula and the alchemist cache's ... I feel so silly for ranting. keep up the great work
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I agree with Konani that there should be Go Fusion charm formulas it would be very helpful
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The Long-stem Pink Rose really needs a formula. They are of limited quantity since they were only released in the Cash Shop and are no longer available there.
The components could all come from Caches, or items from Rina's shop or other gold shops could be included.

This would be greatly appreciated.

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