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If we eventually get animated alchemy recipies.....A JETPACK!!!!
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i would love some more companions
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More male items and foot items that dont totally screw the avatars legs over
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3k tickets
5 red inks
5 blue inks
5 white inks
30 costume ring
5 egyptian anklets
5 egyptian arm bands
Ruby Studded Gem Bangles!
They have double arm poses, double leg poses, and single poses for each leg and arm. o wo <3
dark ringmaster doll
More male items and foot items that dont totally screw the avatars legs over

I fully agree with you aha
Got so many different potions, why not a gender change potion?

Uhh.... They already have those. Check Skin Tyte or Account Settings...

Anyways, I think we need more guns, katana swords and shields. Something more traditionally or truly warrior like. Hell, maybe cyber implants or even new armors. Something more military/warrior style. But I'd also like to see something like a new sort of official-style clothing. Like a military officer off duty or an executive or something. Something casual, but nice. Don't know if I'm explaining it right. Anyone know what I'm saying?
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Game items for Monster Galaxy and zOMG!
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Make some new weapons, yeah.
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I'd like to be able to take a set of "rare" stuff (like "Lidless Demon Armor" and other items sets you might get from the Overseer... actually nearly any "rare" item from the overseer) and turn it into something I might actually equip. Then those rare items may actually be worth something.
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I do have a suggestion for ingredients to use.
See this here item I'm holding in my hand? Faunzy's Flute, yep that device that always seems to want to stock pile your inventory with unsightly body hair and various horns, promising you that you would need them as ingredients to make special items. Now would be the time to put them to use. There has got to be some kind of hair recipe you could come up with to use up all that body hair.

Anirul heart
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i reallly would like a eye like the one from dragon eye the manga.
i would really like the recipe to be like this.
- - - -
5x dragon horn
1x pearls
10x gold
1000 gold
- - - -
another recipe i would like is regular shorts!
- - - -
10x 4th amigo pants
5x castaway shorts.
100 gold
- - - -
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I'd like formulas for coloring items differently. A recipe that requires a selected piece of clothing and your choice of dye(plus dye for the secondary color).

It would make my day, and maybe someone elses, to be able to change the color of my clothes; or just certain clothes

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