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i would like more more clothes because you can sell and wear them emotion_awesome
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salt~ need salt.. can salt bacame one of the alchemy formula?
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[NPC] Cresento
Though I've already documented hundreds of alchemical formulae in my day, the possibilities for new ones are truly without limit.

Much as I despise the notion of taking advice from laypeople, I will condescend-- just this once-- to hear your ideas.

If you'd like to suggest a new formula for item alchemy, please do so here. I will check this thread regularly and attempt to gather the best ideas.

Thank you.

I would love more npc companians at a reasonable level and price
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S-Pop Club that would be a cool potion to make if the items were affordable and relatively easy to make smile
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I don't know if anyone suggested this yet and if they have sorry for the repeat...but purple/violet glittering stockings? Only makes sense considering the other stocking/night jewel formulas. Unless of course it's already under way and just waiting to be released. o:

Perhaps more formulas kind of like Nice Style For Work that have leg changing poses? Or I feel everything you can craft for alchemy is kind of rough n' tumble...maybe a few more limited cutesy items? Maybe a formula for Cherubic Queen or Manslayer just to bring down the cost on those a tad? 3nodding
Hello, I know there are lots of re-color formulas for the keido wig, but perhaps you could create a long keido wig formula that's pink? Hot/light pink and black, or light pink and white? Thanks for your time.
Bom Bom the Bunny?
Loving Manner & Loathing Style?
Update the formula bank a bit? ; w;???
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a new equip item
not " I am "r companion

that is black
a multi-use item
that has black hair, semi-black jeans , a belt with skull, or a belt with chains, a black jacket that can be open or close, with a cute cap like s-pop but its black and the logo is panda face,

100 The 4th Amigo Lucki Pants
10 Lidless Demon Armor (Leggings)
1 Coco Fleece Hat
1 Kiki Fleece Hat
10 Lidless Demon Armor (Boots)
1 Onyx Terror of the Sky Cap
1 Panda Hoodie
1 Silver Heart Belt
5 Jailer's Keys

thats all
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a recolor of Anurla's Rose in blue? ninja
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It would be great if there could be a formula that combines Coocoon and the Astra Metamorphosis wings, either to make recolors of Coocoon or the Metamorphosis wings, or clothes and accessories that match the wings. Any of those options would be really awesome :3

And another cool one could be a formula that can make wings that match the Fenghuang feathers, maybe using the feathers and Flight of the Macaw?
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I would like to be able to craft more components to further my Alchemy experience. Or having a formula to break down high end items into either components or a set of items.
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it is really cool
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I'd like to see a golden version of the Michael's Wings. emotion_kirakira

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