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Romantic Darling

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I want too see alchemy items out of different faces whee since there are different faces that was expensive in the market why not create something new, weird, cute, funny, troll faces, and it different variety too. biggrin
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Distinct Raider

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Invisible Stalker

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We need a white recolour of the Changeling Babies... that would be something good for alchemy, it could just be androgynous...
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Omnipresent Gekko

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A formula that will craft special zomg rings and items, like Sweetheart ring(not enough of those), Fortune's favor, also things like ring buffers, revives, and gold potions might be nice. Also the component list should consist of easier things to obtain, formulas like these should attract more people to zomg.
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Heart Mage

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When i saw this Easter little bunnies i felt a desire to have them like a hair clips. so thats why i am here making a small suggestion to put few of these cute colorful little diedriches in alchemy .
I have come up with few formulas for different colors

for example blue bunny hair clip could be made from
1.4x rabbit`s tail
2.10xcotton (since it is blue)
3.10xMetal Spike
and so on for every color of hairclips

then the last one the rainbow bunny will be crafted with all other 9 colors hair clips+10xMythrill+1 sugar crystal ^^
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Dangerous Lunatic

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Questing: Gold 2.6mil//3mil

Maybe more companion formulas? Especally Johnny K. Gambino and Devin?
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Neophyte Firestarter

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Formula 2 : Aquarium Mini Monster Landshark
Component :
1x Airshark
Formula 2 : Summon Landshark
Component :
20x AirShark Drop
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Vicious Visionary

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I would love to see formulas for Enki's Catch and various fish. Specifically things like enki's, grunny subs, and others that people might not be able to afford through gold or cash.
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Ruthless Phantom

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Masked Deception Pack
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Generous Lover

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Luck IV
make crafting cost cheaper.

i have to a gree becoust usaly the item cost more to make then it will sell for not including the cost of items needed
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Dangerous Ladykiller

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I would like to craft dolls.
Especially Fallen and Thea dolls.
release more of the components for level 1 to level 3 some are over price in mp on them!

need more of the edwardian shoes pants and top we need them alot
how about a formula that lets you type in the item you want. has to be a lucky shot to get this formula.
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Friendly Noob

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Why not make like zOMG rings on alchemy and sell them but only on lvl 1 if you wear it you cannot sell it anymore and I want more animated items!
I want cheap ones and easy gathering ones for newbies and other people to raise their level whee
I couldn't afford to do any recipes because the ingrediants for the recipe was EXPENSIVE!
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Ruthless Genius

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Formulas for marionettes and mad hatter

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