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More cosplay items! Something from Zero No Tsukaima would be awesome! (hint,hint,hint,hint) yum_puddi
Zetsu nyx
easy formula for orinkage
using zomg loot and some rings
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just a thought, make Sweetheart Ring a item for Alchemy, but make it hard like 500 of a certain pink flower (because the ring is kind of pink) and a few other stuff. cool
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Some jewels and hair accessories using flowers from Buttercup Cafe and/or Towns as components smile
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Alors on dance, turu turu alors on dance turu turu turu ru ru...! wahmbulance rofl
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I have a Bi-color blue point Ragdoll cat sitting at my door right now. I am thinking to myself, on let me equip an item like that for my avi, but no, the closest thing I can find is a literal blue moga.

Give us an alchemy that recolors Bibbles (again) to have blue eyes, and a grey-blue mask, back & tail.

On a less personal note, it would be nice to add some motion to alchemy, so maybe some items (say Hermes moon) could become partially animated through alchemy.

Rare items, like Dandylion are a fine idea for components. Keep things like Carlos or even uncommon-to-rare Chance Items rare, by making them into alchemy components for the middle-to-low levels. I like that you do this, so please continue.

More tight pants, and more facial expressions are appreciated.

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i like to have sd#plus wendy or just for eye of wendy
Give it some magical qualities to cast spells with ice or fire. Maybe even add a tiara exclusive to the twist?
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I would like to be able to craft things that are not equip items like rare household furniture, car decals, fishing poles, aquarium fish/decorations and stuff like that.
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I'd like a formula that allowed me to craft more shop spaces... ninja
i want to have an item that can change the color of another item
not like Astra-XI: Lucky Clover and Astra-VII: Curse of the Gray Wizard
just like equiping Bun-Bun Plushie with that item the Bun-Bun Plushie wil be color green orcolor black but Bun-Bun Plushie will change the color not all the item or whole body
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A Mauser Pistol ( c-96 ) would be pretty bomb if anything.

Formula: Level 7 or more ---- Cost to craft: 75k + ---- Chance: Medium

Gunmetal: 10

Gunpowder: 5

Shell Casings: 2

Woodpiece: 25
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Here are some component formulas I've come up with, to help get things going better. They don't have to be the exact amount like I've listed them and some of the items could be switched around to balance things out but it's at least a good idea.

Ironwood bark:
10x drift wood
20x iron ore

have it be something you have a 1 in maybe 10 or 20, more if needed, chance of getting when a formula fails

Fabric swatches:
5x ocean summer tops
5x neutral starter polo
5x warm starter surfer girl board shorts
5x berry snug layered tees

glass marbles:
20x glass
10x red dye
10x yellow dye
10x blue dye

rough cloth:
30x cloth
1x orb aggregate

fine cloth:
10x rough cloth
1x orb aggregate

it's only a few yes but it's a good start, I'll be back with more later.
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[NPC] Cresento
Though I've already documented hundreds of alchemical formulae in my day, the possibilities for new ones are truly without limit.

Much as I despise the notion of taking advice from laypeople, I will condescend-- just this once-- to hear your ideas.

If you'd like to suggest a new formula for item alchemy, please do so here. I will check this thread regularly and attempt to gather the best ideas.

Thank you.

Some cool gauntlets and shirts and maybe a cloak that covers your whole body with a hood that is really easy to make would be nice. I would really apreciate the cloak though! Please oh please make a cloak!

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