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Moonlight Mage

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More magical effects/items. I'd really like more chances to get the recolors of RIG items, especially if you have the original.

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Magical Cutie-Pie

Two words baby....pickle suit. 3nodding cool
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Invisible Conversationalist

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Something involving cats or rabbits would be nice..or books.
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Romantic Gekko

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Any one color feathered wing type item would be appreciated :3
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Sparkly Stalker

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1. knock off items nicolae would try to pass off as "the real deal".

2. copies of what brennivin would sell in his shop, but make it 10% cooler.

3. can't think of anything... :/
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Aged Survivor

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Dovahkiin Dovahkiin
Naal ok zin los vahriin
Wah dein vokul mahfaeraak ahst vaal
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Recolors of Stray Dogs, Dynamite Heel, NeoGaia Hero, Delicate Death, Houyi's Ward.

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Ahrk fin norok paal graan
Fod nust hon zindro zaan
Dovahkiin fah hin kogaan mu draal
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Lonely Noob

Let us recolor items.
New aquarium fish or fish that used to be up. Like candy corn, those skittle fish?
Chance items? Like Cirque Du Freak, Love Charm, Luna's Incense stuff like that.
Or a recipe that could be anything or just so limited items.
Maybe more body jewelry, tattoos mouths and arm poses?
That's all I got.
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Hilarious Lunatic

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Allowing us to re-color an item we already have would be awesome. And if it fails, you should just end up with the item you have being a burnt black color for the fail.... Would be funny to see someone walking around with a burnt mercury moon... XD
White Omg Hat.
Black AFK hat.
Opposite colored items.
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Lucky Visionary

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Silvia Crow
All three Marionette Doll skins. There's no reasonable way the average person can make 12m gold at the least to get that item, so a workaround would be appreciated.

Or the Marionette clothes. Either or.
Well duh, then they wouldn't even be special if all the average people on gaia could obtain it...
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Noble Animal

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I dont know why but....an awesome mustache will be cool. XD /shots
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New zOMG ring formulas would also be nice. Something epic and magical. Something like summoning thunder.
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Here's what I'd love to see:
-A black wig based porridge.
-More fairy-like (delicate looking) wings.
-A hufflepuff colored version of Mage/Wizard/Sorcerer School.
-Different pets besides dogs and cats. Guinea Pigs, Mice, Snakes, Turtles, and birds. (I have two pet birds at home, I can't seem to find a single Parakeet or Cockatiel that sits on my shoulder!)
-Long wigs.

I'll probably add more later, this is all I can think of off the top of my head.
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Fluffy Lover

How about items that use the Faunzy Flute items?


Many of the flute items have this description: "Aside from the distinctive looks they can add to any outfit, they are also one of the most popular base ingredients in Item Recipes."

It would be fitting to see them in an alchemy recipe. 3nodding

Maybe to make more horn-themed items. Or things that have to do with horned animals.

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