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Tricky Vampire

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I would love to see:

Kuro's Induction eyes recolor.. (Red,purple,blue et) The clothing and hair in other colors as well biggrin
Pink Bunny Slippers recolors (Red,Blue,Green etc)
Dark Halo Recolor (Red,gold,siver etc)
Halloween Items recolors (Purple/Black,Purple/orange,orange/yellow etc)
Bento Bunny recolor (Black,pink,green etc)
Spirited/Christmas recolors (red/gree,silver,gold,silver/blue etc)

I'll add more later biggrin
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Timid Sweetheart

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bell bandolier
its disappointing being unable to cosplay as an Abhorsen
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Magical Shoujo

I'd like to see some eyes. Kind of like the Oisin's Blessing eyes and Kanoko's Nightmares eyes.
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Kyvec's Spouse

Time-traveling Demigod

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Older CS item Recolors...Like an all white Dander....
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O.G. Member

BACKWINGS! Please, release the backwings! gonk
I would die for those! o 3o;;
I'd like to see an alchemy formula for some kind of Animated Item, possibly a desert wasteland or an old western movie background with a rolling tumbleweed.
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Sparkly Lunatic

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Diamonds are forever. wink
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Fashionable Fatcat

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*cough cough* Sorry. But about half the items listed in the Alchemy projects do not exist. Please make them exist. Kthxbai.


-Sucubus Bone
-Honey Liquer
-Anycolor Dyes/Paint

^^ Just a suggestion.
bell bandolier
its disappointing being unable to cosplay as an Abhorsen

Dude, represent! emotion_awesome
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Distinct Citizen

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You guys made Angelic Wings. We'd like to, also.
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Versatile Sex Symbol

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Pale Marionette or Crimson Marionette Formule.

How about Lucky the Cat Formula or Oisins Blessing Formula?
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Tiny Victory

I saw you had an ingredient called "Anycolor Dyes"
This would be great for recoloring items such as EIs, MCs, CIs, and wigs.User Image
Some more interesting skins. :B
I'd like a completely white Angel Imp skin, perhaps.. and a completely black Devil Imp skin?
I dunno.
Some nifty colors would be nice.
(maybe make the Imp potions possible to craft, as well)
...oh, and more hair...
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Rainbow Trafficker

I'd like some formulas for vampire potions in different colours. I mean, we have vampire characters on Gaia whose skintone is darker than a light pallor, so it's about time our avatars can be black vampires too!
What I really don't see around Gaia are bombs. Not much explosive material. (Just a random idea.)

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