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Though I've already documented hundreds of alchemical formulae in my day, the possibilities for new ones are truly without limit.

Much as I despise the notion of taking advice from laypeople, I will condescend-- just this once-- to hear your ideas.

If you'd like to suggest a new formula for item alchemy, please do so here. I will check this thread regularly and attempt to gather the best ideas.

Thank you.
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hmmmmm i want to be able to make all kinds of jewelry and accessories
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I would like to make companions. ( By the way Nicolae doesn't seem to like you much)

[NPC] Nicolae
Psst. Hey. Don't tell Cresento I said this, but Item Alchemy is a pretty huge field of study. Lotta ins, lotta outs. Tons of vagaries and whatnot.

There are bound to be some kinks in the system here and there. If you run into any problems, just drop by this thread and let me know about 'em.

Better you talk to me, since Cresento doesn't handle criticism too well (he gets super pouty).
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Feral Bunny

Oh, that's what the "Formula" tab is about...

edit: Oh, I see how this works, sorry.

Jewelry and such obviously, but also wizard's items, or scientist items, or maybe some smaller items would have to be made and combined to make bigger items, such as staffs, or crowns, or rings (like zOMG rings), or maybe even gold plated skin or body designs (similar to the alien tattoos). editedit: Can we have silver too? There's not enough pure silver items...
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How about some new tattoos we are long over due for those or even make mixed inks like swirled ink to make new tats
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More eyes/hair? o:
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User ImageShoot for the moon...
more hair >O>

Even if you miss you'll land among the stars...User Image

Vamipre skin in more colours. Also the changeling baby troll skin in standard skin colours would be pretty awesome too.
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Mini versions of items, like in the Manga! Things such as:

Mini Ninja Headband

Mini Ancient Katana

Mini Baby Panda

Stuff like that n.n


Maybe an alchemy ring that ups your chances of successfully completing a recipe? biggrin

I love the idea of alchemy and hope it can expand a ton! :3
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Make one for Zephyr Tasset please!

Oh! And Animated items! Maybe even recolors for animated items! x3
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All three Marionette Doll skins. There's no reasonable way the average person can make 12m gold at the least to get that item, so a workaround would be appreciated.

Or the Marionette clothes. Either or.
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I want more hair, eyes and skins. gonk
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I would love to have weapons, and more skins :3
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more skins, no hair (bald), better trash items? dramallama
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"Knock-offs", if you will, of some of the super hideously expensive items would be great, if you can't/don't want to make the originals available for alchemy. I'm not sure about the idea of crafting a cat or some other type of living creature, but if you can come up with a way... But not just those ones. There are many clothing items that I'll never be able to afford that I would like to.

Weapons, of course. they don't have to be super fancy versions of the weapons, (ie, glowing, sentient, or covered in gold filigree) just nicely-crafted, well-proportioned, usable versions. Kusari-gama, swords of all types, maces, shields, whips. I'm sure you know what people want in that area.

Jewelry, accessories, bangles, etc. Especially for the feet/leg area.

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