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It just depends on the time and the market, my friend made a KILLING with the Candy Horns the moment you couldn't go anywhere on the net or in the world without seeing the word "Homestuck" (IMO it's a horrible comic, haven't read it, never will, not my art style forte) but somehow it became ragingly popular for a VERY BRIEF TIME and during that time EVERYONE wanted Candy Horns for homestuck cosplay avatars... so they were selling like mad. I'm surprised the homestuck creator never made a stink over the candy corn horns since they made a stink about the mood bubbles that had the symbols from shirts or whatever... but anyway... the only alchemy items you can sell well for a profit anyone wants are Minthamella, Glacemella, Backwings, HARMony, Erebus' Moon, maybe some of the Meow items, outside of that most items are gonna sell less than their crafting value... even ones with multiple poses like handheld items like the Mannfrey's RPM-7 Rocket Launcher dropped in price like crazy (though I see someone is trying to raise it up again but anyone who looks into the component cost would know a fair value to pay). I just hope they come out with some newer stuff soon like what the heck the Leathery Egg will be used for.
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YEAH well something would been nice to have known earlier is that among venders NOBODY wants stuff crafted from item alchemy things like candy corn horns or louie companions is like.... I can't even trade them for stuff! NOBODY wants them! i can drop the value of my candy corn horns to like 500,000 gold and it will sit and rot for 14 days when should been like sold for 3 million! few weeks ago i went to trade a candy corn horn and eward companion for chicken suit and they refused despite it was like 6 million for like 1.6 mil item proving how unwanted they are! scream User Image
It really depends on what items and how the market is . I can tell you now that the companions are near impossible to sell that is why no one really makes them unless you want it .
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Seems that most items are pretty much impossible to sell unless you sell it for cheap, I have an extra bacon cape and no matter at what price I try to sell it nobody buys it.

Can't really blame them, is a one pose item that doesn't have much purpose except wanting a pig, bacon like cosplay, if that even exists. xp

Sadly most of these non-popular items are the most accessible when you are trying to level up.
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Because items are ridiculously expensive to craft and therefore have a ridiculously high price on them? sweatdrop
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I've been trying to make duplicates of things I already have in my inventory, eg. Biancamella, Enchanted Book, Captain Ara. Then I sell whichever one has the highest resale value, the original or the alchemized. It's not making me a profit, but it does help a little.

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