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Subbing to this guide yo :U I knew it would be good when I saw it was made by you OP

Anyway I'm on level two and it looks like if I want to get to level three Imma need 1800 orbs. yay

Thing I I think I levelled up to level two through the Bifrost Formulas o:
Woo. Having two jobs takes a lot of time outta you. = 3=;;

BUT. I'm going to be updating this soon, and adding some more helpful hints as we go along! :3
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[[Postey~! I just want to let you know your amazing. ;3
Love this thread. ;3
Thanks <333

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Update on my earlier info: Formulas two levels below your own give no exp. not 25% either, it gives totaly nothing so at level 9, level 7 formulas give no exp.

You can only level doing formulas your own level and one level below.
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Well this was quite useful. smile
The only thing I'm still confused on is how you get your hands on the materials?
Is the only way to do that to go to the marketplace and buy them? neutral
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how do i get shark's blood
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what is medusa's hair used for?
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ok so how do we get these "starter packs" cuz I've never seen them or gotten one
Gdi, I need to update this in such a huge way. = 3=;;

@Belarus:: You are gifted a starter pack via a free grant when you start playing alchemy. I forgot where the EXACT location is, but on the front page, the 'Formula List Thread' link has a link to the grant, if I remember correctly. :3
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for all your customer service needs

Any questions you have that aren't covered, please feel free to ask them in the thread or via PM titled "ALCHEMY QUESTION", and I will anonymously post both the question and answer up here when I have researched your issue and can answer you to the best of my abilities.

I am needing to know the level, components, item produced, and success rate of Formula: Angelic Quest Inizio. Also, how many Angelic Quests does it take to make Raphael's Wings? I am questing them.
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Yayay! This was really useful, thank you! The reason I'm going through the alchemy business at the moment is to try and craft the higher level items, which I'll NEVER afford, so a guide for quick leveling is very useful indeed! Yup.

Even though the gold side of things is going to be the frustrating part. I only have a little over a mill, so I guess it's time to clear my inventory out of the poop I don't use anymore.

Well, at least it will be worth it! The process is very fun too, mhm. I love levelling up things! Ehe. Your Pokemon analogy was great too.
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This is wonderfully useful thank you for making this! <3

I'm a little confused on what rigs are though^^;

I uh, already bought a few formulas from the shop though o__o;; Only lv 1 formula because I thought they were pretty XD;;

I see you also have the more-or-less better formulas for lv 3 people to become lv 4; is there anything like that for lv 2 people to become lv 3? 83

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