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Do you think its worth the effort and gold to do Alchemy?

Yes. 0.36065573770492 36.1% [ 66 ]
No. 0.26229508196721 26.2% [ 48 ]
I have others make the items for me. 0.016393442622951 1.6% [ 3 ]
I'd rather buy the items on the MP. 0.087431693989071 8.7% [ 16 ]
You can't make anything good in Alchemy. 0.032786885245902 3.3% [ 6 ]
Dunno... I don't do Alchemy. 0.12568306010929 12.6% [ 23 ]
Don't care... POLLHOAR! 0.016393442622951 1.6% [ 3 ]
Ummm.. for the ACHIEVEMENTS! DUH! 0.098360655737705 9.8% [ 18 ]
Total Votes:[ 183 ]
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To me it's not about the resulting items, it's about having fun being an alchemist, leveling up, and getting as far as you can. I think it's fun and worth the gold since I don't do Alchemy too often. I'm only level 2. sweatdrop
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I only just started, but the more research I do, the more discouraged I get. Honestly the price of and huge number of ingredients required even for earlier level formulae isn't challenging so much as it's aggravating... I feel like I'm just throwing all my money and/or time away to see my level bar move up one teeny tiny bit, it's not fun at all. I'm glad some people are having fun with this, so don't let me rain on your parade or anything... but this is one aspect of Gaia that I think I'm going to skip on before I waste any more time and money. Seriously, how can anyone enjoy this? O_o
I think it's worth it right now I'm only level one but I'm questing to craft micheals wings smile

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