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I'm from Canada, and have traveled to the US, Mexico and Guatemala so far.
Next fall I will be traveling from Mongolia and China along the silk road into India and then Africa.
I can't wait!

Anyone have any good travel stories?

Hi! Nice to meet you!
I come from Germany.

Countries I've already been to:

Czech Republic (half a day)
Great Britain
Ireland heart
The Netherlands (half a day)
Switzerland (half a day)
Turkey (European part)
And believe it or not I finally left Europe!
USA (half a day)

Honestly, I love to travel. I really do but since I experienced my first 8 1/2 hour transantlantic flight I know now how exhausting it can be, or perhaps I'm only getting old. Who knows?

Countries I want to visit:
The Netherlands again - Amsterdam!
France again - this time for Corsica ^^
Great Britain again - London!
USA again - definitively for more than a few hours this time xd
... ok, ok, no more repeating. There are enough countries left I've never seen. Such as:
and New Zealand

Oh, this is going to be painful to my wallet. crying
But I guess I should be grateful to have already seen so many great places in my life.

When you're back from your travel on the silk road you absolutely have to report how it went! I mean like ,how cool is that?!?
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just mexico XD
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what is the point of traveling?
Well, instead of listing all the places I've been, I'll tell you one of my travel stories.

I was in Taipei, Taiwan at the time it was hosting the International Flora Expo, so naturally I decided to spend a day there. I was quite lazy and tired--and the hostel I was staying in had these fantastically comfortable beds--so I slept in almost until noon the day of. (This would never would have been possible had I not been traveling alone!) Anyway, so I still went, already knowing that I wouldn't be able to go to any of the really popular pavilions, because I had heard that to get a pass that would let you into one of those you would have had to line up early before the expo even opened. It was a bit rainy but the flowers were really nice!

The expo was split into four (iirc) sections, and you could take a shuttle between the sections. I lined up to do so, when one of the guides asked if there were any parties of one, because a mini van they normally used for handicapped people had some extra space. I was a party of one! So I went on.

The driver was sort of chatting with everyone, and I wanted to preempt any embarrassment by saying that I wasn't fluent in Chinese, so of course he asked me where I was from. I said "California" and he said "Hotel California!" and I was like... "yeah, The Eagles!" even though I didn't really know the song and only knew of its existence. He was pretty excited and we chatted a little bit more before we reached our destination. When everyone else had gotten off he said "I have a present for you," and I was kind of suspicious, but he handed me a pass to THE most popular pavilion. It was his, and he gave it to me! I was so ecstatic!

tl;dr (although you did ask for it). Sometimes good things happen when you travel alone.
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Lived in 5 states in the US and lived in the UK for a few years, then came back, and have gone to visit a few times.

Good story.....While living in the UK, we went to the Cadbury factory and some how I had gotten lost!
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USA, Canada, BVI, Japan, Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar, Germany, Italy, Costa Rica, and a few others.
~I'm from the US. I've been to Russia, Germany, Mexico, and Canada. I hope to go to Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Poland, and Finland this winter/spring on the school breaks. Rus- some place other than the main cities and god forsaken Vladivostok, uk- kiev visit my grandfather's memorial and my friend's house maybe, maybe go to Belarus too. Latvia- visit Riga's old, and new parts, visit friend's house. pol- see something nice in Warsaw, check genealogical records maybe. fin-see the Helsinki stuff. :3~ 4laugh
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    Australian here;
    um I've been to - Indonesia (2x), Singapore (2x), Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau

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