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I'm from Canada, and have traveled to the US, Mexico and Guatemala so far.
Next fall I will be traveling from Mongolia and China along the silk road into India and then Africa.
I can't wait!

Anyone have any good travel stories?
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I'm from Australia & I've travelled to New Zealand, Fiji, Japan, UAE & Thailand. Next year, I'm hoping to travel back to Japan again.
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i'm from scotland. i've travelled to france, spain, germany, norway, netherlands, greece, malta, USA and india (and england and wales if those count?). and stopped briefly in bahrain and cyprus on the way to india before.
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I'm from the US and I've been to England, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Argentina and Uruguay. I'll be headed near Brazil soon, but I'm not sure I'm actually going to cross the border.
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I'm from Australia.
I've travelled to:

I've also lived in the first three of that list.
I adore the UAE. It's damned hot but love the petrol prices and how futuristic it looks despite half of it hasn't even been built yet.
Germany, Mexico, Canada.
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I'm from the US and have only been to Vietnam, Canada, and a few different states in the US. I hope to see more of the world

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Hey im from russia. Ive been in japan for judo sharing experience with japanese judoka, I also been in mongolia
Somewhat from the US and I've been to around 23 countries.
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I'm from the US, currently living in Japan, and I've been through the Caribbean and the Middle East.
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      i've been to a lot of places. panama, us, canada, france, england, china.
      i love to travel.
I am of Serbian descent and have been there a couple times although I now live in the U.S.
Some country in all of the continents...
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I was born in the US, raised in Puerto Rico and I'm currently living in Guam. I've traveled to Japan, most of the Caribbean. I'll be in Okinawa this Christmas and during the summer we will travel to Thailand.

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