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In middle school, I was really interested in learning Russian until being told not to bother in a not so nice way. After that I stopped trying to study foreign languages for a while until deciding to randomly pick up Japanese a year or two ago... Though I am still very much interested in picking up Russian again some day.

Other than that, I basically pick the languages that I think are interesting -- Thai, for example. I don't feel like I'm good enough at Japanese to start focusing on another language on the side, however, so I haven't really tried. Might help if I didn't have to self-study for everything, but that's what you get when you live in the middle of nowhere. neutral
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All of these I know a little already, some much more than others, but I would ideally become fluent in all of them eventually:

            ¤ Swedish - I want to go there someday and it's fun to speak.
            ¤ Spanish - I know a lot, but it would be useful to be fluent.
            ¤ French - I actually don't like the language, but it'd be useful to know.
            ¤ German - Since I am mostly German and think it's a beautiful language.
            ¤ Arabic - I think it's a beautiful and useful language. I already know the elementary fundamentals thanks to university courses.
            ¤ Mandarin - I think it's useful, plus it's really the only Asian language that I've been really interested in. The rest sound cool, but I like Mandarin.
            ¤ Esperanto & Interlingua - I find IAL's ridiculously interesting.
            ¤ Greek - Just all around attractive, though last on my list to learn.

Depending on what program I pick up in university, when I go back, I may study languages. Linguistics is fascinating. Even if I don't base my degree off of it, I plan to take as many language courses as I can, likely in Mandarin, German, and French, perhaps Arabic again.
heart heart heart heart
languages are my favorite!
i've been studying latin, japanese and french in highschool. and next year in university i want to continue japanese and french and learn korean (since i was adopted from korea).
eventually i want to learn russian, arabic and italian also!
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I'm learning French in high school, and Mandarin by myself (though I should be fluent in it...I'm not).

When I become fluent in those languages I want to learn Cantonese (because it sounds hilarious and just too cool) and Japanese (because it's so amazing to listen to, and Japanese culture, from what I know seems very interesting).
knows: english
some russian/ukranian (is)
french (4yrs hs)
japanese (anime since 11 hc)
wanna learn : hebrew (jewish)
finnish (so pretty)
latin (pretty
latvian (my friend is so)
idk scandavian and slavic languages basically
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English is my 2nd language (main is portuguese, I'm brazilian). 3nodding

Other than that, my priorities are languages I can easily pronounce, like Japanese, Italian and French.

Once I tried to learn hangul (I was playing a korean game at the time), so I could at least read stuff and throw in the dictionary, but there were some syllables I couldn't even tell apart. That's when I gave up. sweatdrop

I studied a little Japanese (almost finish all kumon lessons), but I already forgot a lot of it because I don't pratice at all anymore. sweatdrop
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Hey, fun! I'm learning ASL too!

I'm almost, almost fluent in French.

I would also like to learn Spanish and Italian (because let's be honest, they're pretty much the same thing).
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What languages I want to learn?
All of them.
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I have been learning French for the past seven years, but I really want to continue learning Swahili.
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My husband is fluent in Thai and that is what I am currently learning.
I'd also love to learn Hebrew and Icelandic.
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German (working on it)
French (maybe)
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A better question would be what language I don't want to learn xp
I already speak Dutch, my English is getting better, but it's still far from perfect.
Languages I'd like to learn are Serbian, Russian, French (I never paid attention in class sweatdrop ), Chinese or Japanese, Swedish and Gaelic.
Problem is, I'm pretty bad at learning new languages sweatdrop
So I guess I'll just make sure I'm at least fluent at two languages, maybe I'll just learn phrases in the other languages I'd like to learn.
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Ancient Greek and German. I want to improve my Latin too.
I'm Italian and I understand like 90% of the language but I can speak about 10% of it
i'm in my 4th year of learning mandarin, but i probably won't take it after highschool. chinese sounds so gross when it's spoken naturally so it's not a main priority anymore.

rrrrreally want to learn japanese because i've thought japanese culture was interesting since i was in elementary school, and i'd like to go to japan at some point. (also anime) learning chinese gives me a boost because i can understand a ton of kanji already.

italian would be neat to learn

i want to learn welsh just because it's welsh

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