Laughing Kookaburra
Laughing Kookaburra
Laughing Kookaburra
I will look into that (: thank you

Just curious, why do you want to learn dutch? Are you an aussie? will you come over?
Een beetje nieuwsgierig, waarom wil je nederlands leren? Ben je een aussie? kom je naar hier?
I am German (but my last name is typically Dutch, so I assume some of my ancestors came from the Netherlands) and my boyfriend's family is half Dutch (half of his family still has a Dutch last name, too), with a few of them still living near Rotterdam. I'd like to be able to talk to his family c:

Good for you. Once in South Morocco, the taxi-driver was talking to a woman in front, and I just wanted to understand what they said, but I could not.
Everything is here written in Dutch.
Now I have discovered you may also learn reading,
and not really speaking a language.
People in Holland will usually switch to english if you are not fluent in dutch.
Try also the translator function in google,
although english/dutch is very bad.
He is.

And yeah, I can already understand about 50% I see written in Dutch.
Dutch is just a mix of German and English, really. If a word doesn't sound the same as the German word, then it sounds like the English one.

Ja, hij is.
En jawel, ik kan ongeveer al 50% van Nederlands op schrift begrijpen,
Nederlands is werkelijk gewoon een mengsel van Duits en Engels,
Als een woord in Nederlands niet klinkt als het Duitse woord,
dan klinkt het als het engelse.

Optimistic type!
Yeah, those words almost all sound the same as German or English.

Why optimistic?