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excuse me if I may jump in~

I'm a high school sophomore taking my first Mandarin class this year, and I could maybe help you?

As for textbooks, I can't really compare or contrast any of them, but I know we use 真棒 (zhen ((first tone over the e)) bang ((fourth tone over the a)),) which is the level 1 book by a company called EMC, and it's pretty nice. It has a few odd features which it explains in the first few pages, but on the whole seems fairly complete and helpful.

Simplified is indeed the script of the PRC, and therefore is kind of the main script, but Traditional may help you read Simplified a little better, so the decision of which to learn first is mainly between yourself and possibly your professor/teacher/whoever. My teacher is from the PRC so we're taught Simplified. It only differs in the script, they pronounce things the same.

Sorry if I've parroted anything Aries said, and feel free to ask me anything else if need be~ .w.

I'm sorry, I completely missed this!

I don't have any idea what I'm doing right now, to be completely honest. I'm still making a game plan to learn since my class doesn't begin until next year. But when I do start, would you mind practicing with me sometimes? I've seen you post around here sometimes and I think it'd really help if you don't mind!
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you would have to know the different pronunciation and what each means
they have different writings so you could tell from that also
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Yes! Ooh hoo! I can help you, I am chinese (yay)! I am born in Shanghai so I can speak Chinese very well (not to brag or anything lol)! So just ask.... Lol. smile
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Oh, I'd love to practice with you~
I plan on taking it next year, so I'll be a level two (but so far it's still uncertain, since my current teacher returns to China in either May or June)
If you'd like, I can maybe try and teach you some of the simple stuff I'm learning now, so you can be ahead of the curve when you start your class?
Just let me know~
I'll think about it.
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food is meh
women are meh
prices are cheaper than US
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