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hola yo soy hispanico sweatdrop
yea and ive never noticed so many hispanic and mexican people in gaia. o:

hello..how's everyone doing?..Como estan todos?
hey k tranza soi fernando de ciudad juarez chihuahua

tdos son de mexico ???
Hola todos, mi nombre is Diane



como estan todos?

Soy de San Diego, California pero mis padres son de

Bajen sus faldas!
~ I make the angel scream... ~

Muchos hispanos en Gaia XD

~ ...and the devil cry ~
Que tal gente, soy de Monterrey, I'm franco-mexican.
Que rapido murio el thread...
Que tal gente, soy de Monterrey, I'm franco-mexican.
~ I make the angel scream... ~

Yo tambien soy de Mty surprised

~ ...and the devil cry ~
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Yo soy de Aguascalientes, Mexico.

Que no somos Latinos? xD
No se la differencia de Latinos y Hispanicos.

Sorry, I can't spell crap in spanish. /swt
I'm about 1/2 mexican,
so I guess I count.

Soy de San Diego,
pero vivo en Colorado.
Hola! creo que soy la unica mexicana viviendo en mexico en el foro. sweatdrop

seeing as how no one else is posting..it might be a slight problem.
anyway, how old are you and where do you live?
i live in california and am 17

it might..

Im 15, and also live in CA..

ah cool. i live in colton. its not a huge city so its blah.

i live in bakersfield..also small, but i would say its getting bigger..

ah bakersfield. never been but always hear the name

damn mexicans making this thing bigger. lol. jk. my name is lino. i am mexican salvadorian!. i am 19 and live in cali hawthorne
WAZ Up! jiji COmo esta La Raza Por aki..? heart
ah soi Mariana y soi de Tejas. xp
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Quotable Genius

I'm half Mexicana. Well, less than half. A lot of mixed blood going on. I'm as white as flour though with blonde hair and blue eyes. Haha. I got teased a lot when I lived with my cousins and grandparents who had more of the Hispanic influence in their appearance.

How's it going?

I don't speak/type Spanish that well but I can understand a little bit. xD

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