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~~Irish Gaians~~

This is a place for all Irish Gaians to chat hang out and just have fun.

ALL are welcome! blaugh

I made this post as I noticed the lack of an Irish thread!
So enjoy this post!
P.M me or add me!

Any donations of items/gold to me for competitions!

Have fun!

I have quit Gaia.
My new leaders are

Watch out for these.



Isabelle Morte (currently in Japanland)
Laurraxo (proper nice and a good laugh)
Rakhmaninov (he bites though)
Evalad (his art is amazing)
Tiej (this boy's a wild one)
Scottie2010 (one of the nicest people you'll meet and very active)



Don't make me use this.


wahmbulance Rules wahmbulance

Just a few

> Stick to the TOS! evil
> Do not stretch the page.
> Do not quote the first page.
> All welcome yet note above!
> Have fun so no slagging!
> Text speak is tolerated but honestly not wanted. scream
> Don't be crude/ vulgar. It's not appreciated.
> Do post and create new debates/quizzes or whatever!
> Spammers, trolls and bots will be blacklisted
> Watch your *@~#%^&$ language

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Thanks A_n_n_a!


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Amazing art at unbelievable prices!

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THE best Irish Guild going.
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Hmmmmm, My dad was irish, so im part irish ^^
Do i count smile
I've got a good amount of Irish blood in me, but I live in the United States.
I'm actually trying to learn as much as I can about Dublin though, so if you could tell me about like, Dublin Castle or Phoenix Park or the Royal College of Surgeons or just give me pictures or general stories about stores or whatever, I'd really appreciate it! I'm not going to be able to visit any time soon, as much as I really wanna go, so I figure just talking to people who live there will be the next best thing.
I was actually going to create a topic asking people about Dublin when I saw yours =)
Bwahaha there's not enough Irish people on Gaia huh? I've met one other person, the rest are all my friends outside the Internet or you, Cousin deary. xp

For those of you who don't know me, I'm Irish, from North Dublin 3nodding looking for other Irish Gaians to hang out with in zOMG!, Towns or in Jigsaws, or generally just to talk to.

And YES! I saw the snow! mrgreen we were in Art class and the teacher was explaining something, and suddenly everyone was at the window gawking at the snow. Needless to say, she was cheesed...
Irish-American here sweatdrop I always feel a little bad when people are like "ZOMG UR IRISH!?" to me, because I like to say yes, but when it comes down to it I really am just an American gonk I guess Irish-American is enough of a culture on it's own (separate from but related to true Irish culture), but I've always got the impression that we sort of annoy real Irish folk, which is understandable if it's true.

So...Irish diaspora represent! razz Kay...I'm leavin' now.
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My grandma is Irish. But i live in the the United States. So im Irish-American. =(
Do i count?
On my mom's side there is quite a bit of Irish.
And it really shows, for example, my aunt and most of my uncles have red hair.
Hmm.. and also my cousin has the family crest tattooed on his back and it originates from Ireland.
(my mom's maiden name: Jordan)
Also I have some German and Blackfoot from my mom's side, but mostly Irish.
On my dad's side I have French and Cherokee.
(Surname: Speakman)
Although my last name originates from England, I do not have a drop of English in my blood.
I think that when my ancestors came to America, or rather when the English came to my ancestor's home land, they completely changed their last name into something different.
Of course you can post and everything
But this was mainly just going to be like the Irish thread.
But all be welcome!

Hi Cuz!
I know! Love the snow
We got off at one today because of it!!
Was good fun!

So yea guys keep posting or whatever but I Feel Toast you are so right!
Like last Valentines day there were a million Kiss Me I'm Irish threads but when you clicked on them it was like this one time I stood behind someone with red hair who quite possibly Irish-American but less likely to be acually Irish!

And dawn0fchaos I'm responding to that PM now!
Sinister Lovett
On my mom's side there is quite a bit of Irish.
And it really shows, for example, my aunt and most of my uncles have red hair.

Uhm, not to sound . . . weird or something, but not a lot of Irish people actually have red hair. I mean, we see them around, and I know it's an Irish thing and everything, but yeah . . . we don't actually all have red hair.

Illy! The snow was fantastic! My friend made a Xigbar snowman pirate but I got hit in the eye with a snowball so now my sight's all bluzzy! My boyfriend says we're due a blizzard over the weekend xd hope he's right! I think he might be getting me a Grunny for Valentine's day 3nodding
Too true.....

Don't we all slag them most of the time?

Woo yea I do love the snow...
Me and Nai took today off!
The snows all frozen so we christened it fro smile
Xigbar huh?
We made a Calypso froman!


Yea we had a huge dirty school wide snowball fight...
Was funnny.
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I love how so many people have a little Irish in them somewhere. xd

I'm over in Dublin myself. whee
I'm Irish (fully) xd rofl

I'm in Galway, loooovvvvvve it smile

Sup Irish dawwwwwwwwwwwgs? biggrin
Hmmmmm, My dad was irish, so im part irish ^^
Do i count smile

yeah, looks like you're half Irish my friend! mrgreen

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