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I want to learn french but I keep getting the small things wrong. What keeps me wanting to learn is the fact I think french culture is so cool!

omg thiiiis. D:

My motivation is that I want to be able to eventually read the original French publication of Les Miserables.

Reading is my one okay point but it's still not great. I completely stink at just about everything else.
Reading the french version would be so cool!
I find it odd how in the movie all the characters have british accents.

That's because some of the actors playing them are British themselves. Plus, when it comes to singing, they're just rounding their vowels. Rounding your vowels when singing makes the sound much more clean and fuller as opposed to singing with spread vowels, which makes the sound weak.

I knew the singing thing. I just found it funny how they didn't try to through a french accent or something.

I know Sacha Baron Cohen started off Master of the House with a French accent, but he gave up on trying to do a French accent halfway through the song.

Singing they should do what makes it sound the best. I was talking about speaking.
Curious to see how many people have tried to learn a language and have managed to fail at it?

I've put my Japanese learning on hiatus and I'm trying to find ways to motivate myself to start it back up.

Was wondering if anybody else had any experiences with really giving it your best in learning a language and what caused you to stop?

Alternatively, what keeps you motivated?

I'll keep checking up on this thread ^.^. Or quote me for a reply wink

What keeps me motivated about learning Japanese is the thought of all the sexy Japanese chicks I'm gonna score with!-!
Currently trying to learn Korean and Japanese. I'm gonna take Japanese classes but learning Korean on my own is hard.

Demotivators: Not having enough discipline to sit in front of my computer and stick with the online lessons. I have health problems so it's difficult to follow through. My family shares a computer and my sister is ALWAYS HOGGING the computer for Facebook.

Motivators: A good handful of friends from both Korea and Japan. My career taking place in Japan and Korea. Going to Korean and Japan have been a dream of mine for 8+ years. Because of my friends, I am well adapted into the cultures. Now all I have to do is learn the language to become fully adapted. c:
I tried to learn French and German in school, French I was so awful at, I'm not sure why, but I was so bad they let me give up. Unfortunately they wouldn't let me continue German for GCSE because French was compulsory. I do have a GCSE in Latin tho. I've tried to teach myself Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Finnish and Norwegian. I've failed at all of them apart from Norwegian which I'm still currently trying to learn, and Finnish which I decided to leave until I'm a bit more proficient in Norwegian. So far I can order a cup of coffee which I don't drink and ask where Parliament Street is. Useful.

Demotivators: Not understanding something and having no-one there to explain it to you, my problem is especially with changing word endings for different genders. Stupid idea.

Motivators: Being able to string words together to make a sentence and understand some words in foreign films.
Omg I've been learning languages off and on for years.
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Languages are quite easy for me, so I haven't failed at any yet. I stay motivated by all my multicultural friends who speak different languages.
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I think it's sad when people are demotivated by their mistakes.
If you go speak to a child in your native language, you'll see that they are just as bad at the language they are trying to learn as you are with your new one ^^
When learning something new, you ARE going to make mistakes. Don't worry about grammar at first, the best way to learn is to speak the language from Day 1!!!
Even if you start off with a mix of your native tongue and the one you are trying to learn, just having the daily practice outside of a program will help drastically!
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I do that all the time, I'm also trying to learn Japanese and it's so hard to motivate myself back up again when I get lazy. I've been trying to learn Japanese on and off since I've been in the third grade, and I'm near the end of my eleventh grade year. sweatdrop
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I would like to learn Japanese, Mandarin, Arabic, Spanish, (re-learn) French, Persian and either Welsh and/or Gaelic, for one reason or another.

Motivations: I like languages and have a pipe dream of being a translator. I also wish I knew what people are saying about me in front of me knowing I cannot understand (the guys talk about me in spanish on occasion; they're either all looking at me or i catch my name and/or a couple other words, which is the only way I know it's about me. I usually only hear what it is from the one who wants to embarrass the other, but I never know if they're being honest or not.)

Demotivations: no formal setting, also studying spirituality and all of that on top of full time work isn't conducive to success, so I drift away sometimes, and I don't know many people who speak those languages, except Spanish.
Currently, English is the only language I speak.

I am monolingual, and it is extremely hard for me to pick up another language. I actually am supposed to be able to speak Chinese as well because it's supposed to be my mother tongue and I was forced to learn it through school, and I can hardly speak the language. I ended up hating it so much that I ended up with mental blocks every time I tried to use it.

Hence, I'd rather concentrate on getting even more familiar with the English language. If I learn another language now it would only deter me from that. And if I can't be good with two languages, I'd rather be very, very good with one than lousy with two.
I'm learning German, English and Russian. Motivation? I have friends from those countries. Demotivation?I have to learn alone, because The teachers at the school don't know how to teach...
I would like to learn Japanese art -: heart:
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Currently trying to learn: French, Italian, Spanish, and Japanese.

Motivation: Makes anime easier to understand blaugh I really love the Japanese culture, so I wish to go there someday. heart

DEmotivation: Must have multiple references to make sure info is accurate. Personal tutors are expensive. Hard to learn if you don't have a convo-partner. Resources are expensive (for me, though).
I'd love to learn more languages but I'm too shy to practice the speaking part!
Don't give up on learning Japanese!! ^^ I have been learning Japanese for a long while, I could be able to help you with a little.
However, right now I'm setting my heart to become fluent in Chinese. I have been learning for almost three months now.

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