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must say my favorite thing about Canada is all those igloos we live in lol

SHHH!!! some idiots here may take it seriously...

Food is pretty nice... haven't seen milk in a bag for a while tough :S
No we're not living in Igloo... It's not THAT cold in here, just -40C!
XD No seriously it's extremly hot in summer...

Ho and the METRIC SYSTEM is pretty nice too, way easier and actually make sence.
@ Kittymutt - you live near VICTORIA?

i love the igloos people seem to think we live in =P
timmy hoes. =)
i miss the milk in the bags =[
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Me! And Lululemon, that's Canadian, love their clothes. Um, Hockey, and lots of other stuff. Actually, most of the good stuff comes out of Canada (j/k), but seriously, a lot of good stuff for sure.
My wifey. <3 User Image She's a sweetheart. heart
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FREE HEALTH CARE (I really do enjoy not paying for emergency room visits/a lot of medically related things)
tim hortons, the metric system, our amazing musicians/arts scene in general

OUR BROAD EDUCATION! I enjoy that I actually know things about other countries.. >.>

and I gotta say it... our beer is pretty good too :]
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In BC, they come in plastic jugs. I never knew milk came in bags until I moved to Ontario.

Now I get to brag about my hometown:

According to Statistics Canada, residents of Richmond have the greatest life expectancy in Canada at 83.4 years, and the lowest obesity and smoking rates as well. Serious violent crime is very rare in Richmond, and Richmond was ranked as the third safest city in British Columbia for 2002.

Richmond is also home to two of the largest Buddhist temples in North America, the International Buddhist Temple and the Lingyen Mountain Buddhist Temple.


Cool. I did not know that. : o
I like the syrup. heart

Quebec smile
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We get them in plastic bottles here (BC). *shrugs*

I like the relaxed environment--though it can be TOO relaxed sometimes (aka boring, lol).
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No one mentioned basketball! It was invented in Canada.
If you don't believe me. Look it up! surprised
sure there igloos in Canada like Way up north almost north pole. confused rest is normal like any other city in states.User Image
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That's true, they ARE igloos somewhere up there but something like 80^% of Canada's population lives close the to border.

also I've been up in that tower. It was real high. 3nodding

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