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I love the wild life. Great fishing too! Especially on ontario at lake simcoe.
I also do not drink baggaged milk. I Love bc. I would like to live there, especially in vancouver.
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And Loonies. mrgreen

I'm just pissed I can't visit anymore. Because while you can just drive over a bridge to get there (OK, you do have to talk to a Canadian Customs agent, eh?), you need a passport to get home. And I'm too lazy to go get one. crying

I was supposed to go to a Chinese Moon Festival concert last week but couldn't.

Damn, gotta get my stupid passport!
Tegan and Sara... heart They are my favourite thing about Canada. Gosh darnit...I love being a Canadian.
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What I Love Aboot Canada
... Music (best quality of mostly all genres heart )
Poutine xp
When you find clothing from Canada or designers, they are always great
and HealthCare .. yeah HealthCare heart
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Milk come in bags? Mine comes in jugs. 3nodding

...that sounded dirtier then I had intended. sweatdrop
I have to say the people....They are so friggin nice!
I swear the must pump Prozac into the air there.
thick bacon, snowboarding, surfing, cheap condoms
edit: condom despencers at our highschool xd Even thought they dont "promote" sex.
music, edmonton mall
Madame Maggot
Go drill your gases, go dig your graves;;


Then fill your mouth with all the money you will save.

That's an Aussie TV show?

Rush as in the band razz

And my favorite of all things Canadian is Trailer Park Boys (although I almost never turn my tv on <_< wink
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tim hortons
and QuebecUser Image
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Beaver tails, and the kickass Tim Hortons!
Bacon. You french canadians may hate us americans (And though I am american, I hate americans too) but you make some kick-a** bacon... even though it is just ham.
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Fortinos. XD


Gawd, you can return ANYTHING there. Even stuff you haven't bought from the store :3
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I'm surprised no one yet has mentioned multiculturalism which tends to give us a broader global outlook and makes us better global citizens than others.

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