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??? i heard they are high mataintance
I don't consider myself high maintenance >_>
depends on how you treat them
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There's a variety of factors. Do you understand how big of a continent Asia is? "Asian girl" is incredibly vague. Furthermore, if she was born in the western hemisphere, even if her parents were not, odds are she is westernized and therefore having little to no difference to the average western female.

In terms suitable for the cultural layperson: just treat her with respect, bro.
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    not really - it really depends.
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"high maintenance" knows no racial boundaries
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Actually if you are a foreigner and you go to Japan, they will flock all over you. Japanese girls love them foreigners. They will be easy to pick up here. Depends on where you go.
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:/ Women are generally high maintenance.
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Show them your courtesy. A woman likes to know that they can listened to. You must take care of her needs too. This shows you can depended on.

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Most girls are high maintenance. Just treat her right, don't lie, and be kind not creepy.
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Stereotypes are ridiculous. rolleyes Everyone is different. Every person. Just because 1 in a billion might act that way there are many who aren't. And as far as courting one, try real life, chatting and being friendly. Having a good sense of humor goes a long way too.
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High maintenance?? Not bad considering I'm quite a slob. gonk Ignore that last part.

Just treat the woman with respect and right, as said. Her being Asian (which one there's too many kinds), has nothing to do with her being high maintenance.

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