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How do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day?

I wear green! 0.51079622132254 51.1% [ 24224 ]
I eat Lucky Charms for every meal. 0.06612685560054 6.6% [ 3136 ]
I eat corn beef and cabbage for dinner. 0.068045715249663 6.8% [ 3227 ]
I wear a pin that says "Kiss me I'm Irish" and try to kiss everyone! 0.053390688259109 5.3% [ 2532 ]
I chase rainbows and search for leprechauns. 0.25826585695007 25.8% [ 12248 ]
It's a serious time for celebration in my family - I'll tell you more below. 0.043374662618084 4.3% [ 2057 ]
Total Votes:[ 47424 ]
Bella Wednesday
Kiss me I'm Irish lol I really am but I don't live there
Irish buddies! biggrin

I usually celebrate by dressing in as much green as possible...and I actually do eat lucky charms that day...just not every meal. *thinking she should try that*
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South by Southwest, baby! It is the only way to spend the holiday! cool
Happy St. Patrick's Day.


Im wearing green! No one pinch me!!!!! <3
Green is my favorite color... as for the holiday... uh. Isn't it just an excuse for us to drink like Irish drunks?
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:: EDIT :: Fail xD No pinch

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kisses heart
*pinches everyone not wearing green*
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mrgreen I wear green
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Oh, and if the avatar who posted above isn't wearing green, be sure to note that you pinched them in your post! biggrin

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two reasons for me wearing green(and a bit of dead leaves):

-St. Patrick's Day mrgreen
-Saving Mother Nature.. burning_eyes

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My family has a huge celebration, and lots of partying, cause we're part irish, and roman catholic,so its a big to do. we have huge amonts of corn beef, cabbage, potatos, and other food, and of course beer, also the parish priesst comes to our party and brings his accordian (he is from newfoundland). last night I went to a St. pattys day dance - at st patrick church, and was there till one in the morning. Most of the people in my town are italan, so none of my friends celebrate it.
its a very fun time biggrin
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I'm Irish but please don't kiss me. whee
Typo in your poll. It's "Corned Beef" and it's freakin awesomely YUMMY!!

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