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I want to learn French :0 I took 4 years of French in high school and I'm taking a semester of French in college.

Wow! That's amazing! Your level must be quite good!

Where are you from, by the way? What made you want to learn French? =)

I am from California and I wanted to learn French because I wanted to go to France ever since 6th grade. I wouldn't say my level is quite good. I'm okay at it. I have no one to speak French with. No natives! I only have my non-native French teacher, but she is so busy.
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Etoile Celeste
Queen Ejizzabeth
Etoile Celeste
Queen Ejizzabeth
You sound very interesting!
I'm 21 and living in the USA (though from the Netherlands).
I collect postcards from places I visit in hopes of having some penpals to send them to.
Also I am learning french because I am moving to Belgium soon.
If you're still looking for penpals and if you're interested, I would like to be your penpal! biggrin

Hello !

Sure, I'd love to be your penpal! <3
Where are you moving in Belgium? My boyfriend is Belgian, so I go there once a month. Maybe I can give you a few tips xD. How come you're leaving the States? Maybe you'll have the chance to visit other European countries while you're in Belgium. It's a small country, so it's really easy to go to Holland, France, Germany ...

I'm moving to Liege next January.
Oh neat! What part do you go to? Tip would be great!
I'm getting my Masters Degree in Liege, I may go back to the US afterwards, I'm not completely sure,

Sorry for the late reply!

I usually go to Hoeselt, which is 30 minutes away from Liege (but in Flanders, not in Wallonia).
You're really lucky to move to Liege. It's a beautiful city. In october, there's a big funfair, and in december, a really great wintermarket takes place there. It's also close to other nice cities in Holland and Germany.
And I'm sure you already know about Liege's famous waffles <3

It's not a problem about being late to reply back. We all have our own lives.
I'm not familiar with Hoeselt, is it a big city?
Oh yes,Leige is such a beautiful city and the waffles are incredibly good. Wintermarket! I did not know about that, I will need to look into that.
So how have you been doing?

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