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I lived in Tokyo for a year and there was soo much to do there but I also traveled around a bit. You can get a seven day fast train pass which was nice or there is a overnight bus pass you can purchase that allows u to travel at your leisure. I'd recommend traveling by other of those two. Also Hiroshima was a great place, I forgot the name of the island that I went to but i climbed a small mountain/hill feed deer and saw a lot. I can get names of everything if interested pm me

I am from the Netherlands.
At my university you start off with learning hiragana (1 week) and after that katakana (1 week). So after 2 weeks you are expected to be able to read your textbooks (there's barely any kanji in there at the beginning) ^_^ In a week we have reading, writing, listening and speaking classes :3

Wow! Only a week to learn hiragana? That is fast! I guess I'm taking too long! >_< With the speaking I'm almost done with my CD and I'm trying to find ways to learn more vocabulary. Not sure where to start though.

Well, during that week we did not have other classes and it's only 26 'letters' so as a full-time student you are supposed to be able to do that much in university.... sweatdrop It would obviously take longer if you have other things to do as well... :3
Btw, it's best to study everything together, but I suppose you have been doing that already? It would be rather hard to practice speaking without being able to understand the words or grammar... right?
And when thinking about where to start with the vocabulary it's important to keep in mind what you want to achieve. But either way starting with the basics would be best I guess... you know, everyday words and things like that :3
Although exploring Japan is awesome. It's also costly! c:
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I got to go to japan for work back in march, all i can recommend is definitely check out the night life in roppongi 3nodding GASPANIC heart

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