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Queensland 0.19515539305302 19.5% [ 427 ]
New South Wales 0.27833638025594 27.8% [ 609 ]
Victoria 0.2353747714808 23.5% [ 515 ]
Tasmania 0.055758683729433 5.6% [ 122 ]
Northern Territory 0.035648994515539 3.6% [ 78 ]
South Australia 0.075411334552102 7.5% [ 165 ]
Western Australia 0.12431444241316 12.4% [ 272 ]
Total Votes:[ 2188 ]
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Great, and you m'dear?
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I am good, thank you.
Been up to anything interesting today?
Nara Triellis
Ah, fair enough. That makes sense then, lol. It sucks to be paid fortnightly. I have always prefered weekly. Makes things so much easier, lol.

It sucks much worse to be paid monthly. Things always get very tight the few days before payday!
People get paid monthly? I've never heard of that. Well, then again, with the type of work I do its a wage. Do salary earners get paid monthly? Ha ha, not that experienced with the different types of work. ^^'
I was paid monthly in my last job. It was sometimes difficult. emo
That would definately suck. I would hate that, especially seeing as though at the moment I am trying to save.

Anyway, I must go for dinner, will be back though. ^^
I am back, wasn't as long as I thought.
I'm from Queensland :3 I didn't know there was as many australians on here as there is.
I figure there would be few, because of how places like like and anime is sort of becoming popular here now, but yeah. ^^'
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Whoo, rural NSW! I live in the sticks, complete with crappy internet connection ;P
HA ha, that sounds like fun. I currently have crappy internet at the moment. Went over the monthly data. So, its worse than dial up, from what I can remember about it.
ooh aussies, awesome
nsw ftw
Wow, so many people from NSW! ^^'
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Naaaraa, Get TPG. It's an Adsl+2 connection, and they don't charge you if you go over the cap. o:
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I've heard TPG is good, but my mum is in a contract with Bigpond! I hate all the major companies, they always try and screw you over. ^^'

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