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Queensland 0.19515539305302 19.5% [ 427 ]
New South Wales 0.27833638025594 27.8% [ 609 ]
Victoria 0.2353747714808 23.5% [ 515 ]
Tasmania 0.055758683729433 5.6% [ 122 ]
Northern Territory 0.035648994515539 3.6% [ 78 ]
South Australia 0.075411334552102 7.5% [ 165 ]
Western Australia 0.12431444241316 12.4% [ 272 ]
Total Votes:[ 2188 ]
Yeah, I have family in QLD, so I know what it is like. Been up there quite a few times. Actually, the laid backness of it is what would be a problem for me. I'm more of a hustle and bustle person, lol. Laid back is a bit too boring for me.
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Brisbane? I admire their bus network. Haha
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Even Brisbane is too laid back for me. I'm used to Melbourne though, which is very city like, lol.
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I'm in sydney atm, I like the city for the social advancement. But, at the same time I miss home D:
I'm moving back in a week or two. I miss the technology here. Haha
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Any particular reason why you are in Sydney?
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Down for my friends 20th, ended up staying longer than I planned haha.
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Lol, was it a good party? And how much longer?
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One of the better parties I've been too o: Well I either leave this tuesday, or a fortnight from now.
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A fortnight? Wow, why a fortnight exactly? That seems a bit long, lol.
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I'm paid fortnightly, lol. Damn holiday pay.
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Ah, fair enough. That makes sense then, lol. It sucks to be paid fortnightly. I have always prefered weekly. Makes things so much easier, lol.
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Everyone is gone D:
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Bump! Lets see if I can get some more aussies. =P
Hello there. How are you today?

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