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Anyone have any good Asian dramas/movies you want to share? Well, you've come to the right place!!!!
Here, converse with other fellow Gaians about any Asian dramas, movies, shows, celebrities, kpop, etc.! Have fun! C:

Since this post has a limit, I have moved my reviews and opinions on each of the dramas I've completed to another forum.
Click here to see my opinions and reviews on the dramas I have watched!

So far, I have completely watched:
78 Korean dramas
8 Japanese dramas
9 Taiwanese dramas
4 Thai dramas (lakorns)

Total : 99

Currently watching:
Kill Me, Heal Me ★★★★★ [current favorite]
Hyde Jekyll, Me ★★★★★

To watch list:
소녀괴담 (Mourning Grave, 2014)
The Legendary Witch
The Royal Tailor
The Commitment

Abandoned Dramas (or put aside; less likely to watch later):

My Princess ★★★
Witch Yoo Hee ★★
Beethoven Virus ★★
Who's the One ★★
Miss Ripley ★★
Scent of a Woman ★★
Ouran Highschool Host Club Live Action ★★★★
Protect the Boss ★★★
Poseidon ★★★
Goong ★★★★
A Thousand Kisses ★★★★
The Musical ★★★★
Fashion King ★★★
Dream High 2 ★★★★
Shut Up Flower Boy Band ★★★★
Iris ★★★★
Ghost ★★★
Thorn Birds ★★★
Invincible Lee Pyung Kang ★★★★
I Love Lee Tae Ri ★★★★
I Do I Do ★★★★
The World That They Live In ★★★★
The Thousandth Man ★★★
Panda and the Hedgehog ★★★
Haeundae Lovers ★★★★★
May Queen ★★★★
I Miss You ★★★★
That Winter, The Wind Blows ★★★★
7th Grade Civil Servant ★★★★
9: Nine Times Time Travel ★★★★
Substitute Princess ★★★
Princess Ja Myung Go ★★
Dating Agency: Cyrano ★★★★★
Shark ★★★★
Love Around ★★★★
Basketball ★★★
Her Legend ★★★★
Who Are You ★★★★
Marry Him if You Dare ★★★★★
The Suspicious Housekeeper ★★★
Prime Minister and I ★★★★
Miss Korea ★★★
Three Days ★★★★
In A Good Way ★★★★
Emergency Couple ★★★★★
Deja Vu ★★★★
A Witch's Romance ★★★★
Angel Eyes ★★★★
A New Leaf ★★★★
Fall in Love With Me ★★★★
Trot Lovers ★★★
ดาวเคียงเดือน ตอนที่ ★★★★
You're All Surrounded ★★★★
Grandpa Over Flowers Investigation Team ★★★★
Love Myself Or You ★★★★★
Hi! School: Love On ★★★★
It's Okay, That's Love ★★★★
King of High School Life Conduct ★★★★
Blade Man ★★★
She's So Lovable ★★★★
Pride and Prejudice ★★★★★
Tomorrow's Cantabile ★★★★
Secret Door ★★★★
Liar Game ★★★★
Birth of a Beauty ★★★★
Mr. Back ★★★
The King's Face ★★★★
Heart to Heart ★★★★★

200 Pounds Beauty ★★★
Always ★★★★★
A Werewolf Boy ★★★★★
Silenced ★★★★★
The Man From Nowhere ★★★★★
White ★★★★
Secretly,Greatly ★★★★★
Pee Mak ★★★★★ <recommend>
The Huntresses ★★★★★
No Breathing ★★★★★
My Brilliant Life ★★★★
L.DK ★★★★
Say 'I Love You' ★★★★

Also watching the variety show, Running Man. Currently up-to-date on the latest episode they have! Very funny~ I never skipped an episode, and it's definitely a recommend!

Thanks for supporting this thread! Please post if you have any suggestions!

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SORRY, currently NOT doing page contests :c I have not been on gaia that much.

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#1) Page contest- winners PM me, will update

1st post on pg.5 goes to F u c k ing P a n d a
1st post on pg.10 goes to Chekira
1st post on pg.15 goes to Tokyo Seoul
1st post on pg. 20 goes to
Last post on pg.25 goes to L o r d-C h u n C h u
1st post on pg.30 goes to ANJell-GoMinam
1st post on pg. 35 goes to Xx_iLoveChocolatez_xX
1st post on pg.40 goes to KangSooYeon
Last post on pg.45 goes to iiOmeeGod___
1st post on pg. 50 goes to anjechan
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Okaeri nasai
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1st post on pg. 200 to Light Soprano User Image

All together, I had given out 180k+ in gold and items. : D


Please don't advertise in this thread, period. I would love to keep it ads-free.

Screenshots of the polls before changing it! The first one has 275 votes! Sorry, I forgot to save the pic >.^ PLEASE VOTE and sorry for changing it if you liked the previous polls.

The second poll pic >3>
The 3rd poll ;n;
The 4th poll
The 5th poll

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The ones I've seen are:

Hana Yori Dango (technically, the Taiwanese version is the original drama version, and the Taiwanese version is the only one out of all the HYD versions I don't want to watch)
Hana Kimi
1 Litre of Tears
Haken no Hinkaku (saw this on TV. Kinda boring)
Joshi Deka (saw this on TV. Not really that good)
Taiyou no Uta (drama version, not movie version)

Shining Inheritance (first saw this on TV, watched the rest online because I'm impatient. They only show an episode once a week)
Boys Before Flowers
You Are My Destiny (featuring Yoona from SNSD)

Let's Go Watch Meteor Shower (similar to HYD; however, since Group 8, the producers of BFF, still hold the 2-year license contract for HYD, the Chinese had to make some...alterations)

Easy Fortune, Happy Life (many of the characters in this drama were from Fated to Love You, including the female lead)
Romantic Princess
Corner with Love
Autumn's Concerto
He Was Cool (based off the Korean movie with the same title)
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ooo Looks interesting surprised
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Nodame Cantabile
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i cant really remember most dramas from the heart but u should definitely watch:


comments: it ROX MY SOX off!!! sweatdrop itx a korean drama movie and the type is comedy/ romance [[tOo perfect...]] heart
Hana Kimi got made into a movie? o.o
Well I saw the full series n it was awesome. how are the characters ugly? xD Nodame is up there too. The drama for the anime GTO is very very funny.
Saw some others on this list. Surprised there isnt much discussion about asian drama. Its pretty big with the people I know.
I love Full House too heart It heart It heart It

I FULL HOUSE 3nodding

It's awesome, Rain is awesome XD I love the music from it too. ♪♫♪♫♪ 4laugh

I would recommend 1 Litre Of Tears. It's a Japanese Drama based on a true story. It's really sad. I cried so much and the acting is really life-like too. You should really check it out if you're in a mood for a sob-story. Love it but it's so sad. crying
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I saw full house but that was a long long long time ago lol I barely remeber it but I think it was good
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I haven't seen much.. ^^;

Mars (Taiwanese I think), don't remember much about it.

Hana Kimi (Japanese) I loved it. I didn't think anyone was ugly at all.

Hana Yori Dango (Japanese) also loved it.

And some of Smile (Japanese). It's cute, but I only watched it because Jun Matusmoto is in it.
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I've seen: 1 Litre of Tears (Japanese), Hana Yori Dango (Japanese), SMILE (Japanese), Haken no Hinkaku (Japanese), Joshi Deka (Japanese), Beethoven Virus (Korean), Let's Go Watch Meteor Shower (Mainland Chinese), Romantic Princess (Taiwanese), and Corner with Love (Taiwanese).

Right now, I'm watching Sunadokei. I've been waiting years for this to get subbed!

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