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Anyone have any good Asian dramas/movies you want to share? Well, you've come to the right place!!!!
Here, converse with other fellow Gaians about any Asian dramas, movies, shows, celebrities, kpop, etc.! Have fun! C:

[x2, x3, etc.] Number of times I have watched
★- horrible drama
★★- borrringgg
★★★- OK
★★★★- it was great
★★★★★+ - red stars = my favorite drama (a must watch)

What I've watched :

Boys over Flowers (Korean)- ★★★★★
- This is the BEST EVER recommend drama for all of you who is starting to watch asian dramas. This is the first drama I've ever watched, and fell in love with it.

Hana Kimi (Japanese)- ★★★★
- It's a great drama but I didn't really liked the actors °__° (Sorry to those who liked the other actors, it's just my opinion) The plot was great and I loved the drama.

Fated to Love You (Taiwanese version)- ★★★★★
- This is one of my best Taiwanese drama! When I watched it, it was in a really crappy quality so I got really angry lols.

Full House- ★★★★★
- Really funny! I love the plot and the actors!

Romantic Princess- ★★★★
- Very good. I LOVE the main characters.

Take Care of the Young Lady- ★★★★
- Great drama. It made me cry and it's pretty funny.

It Started With a Kiss- ★★★★★
- Funny and adorable!!!! The girl gets kind of annoying since she's all like, following him around. ^^"

It Started With a Kiss 2- ★★★★
- Also a very good drama, very heartbreaking.

Hi, My Sweetheart-★★★★★
- VERY FUNNY AND SAD!!!!!!!!!! The best Taiwanese drama I ever watched! Rainie and Show will make a great couple!

Atashinchi no Danshi- ★★★★
- If you like Brown Sugar Macchiato, this is a drama for you! Otherwise, just watch it, it's pretty funny!

You're Beautiful- ★★★★★+★
- A MUST WATCH Never miss this drama out!

Oh! My Lady- ★★★★★
- A really great drama!!!! Sometimes funny but so thrilling!!!!! A MUST

Gokusen 1 & 2-★★★
- It's a great and funny drama you can watch. But almost every episode is like the same thing -.- (I trust my students, let's out hair, takes off glasses, and fights). Overall, It's a nice drama to watch to kill time.

Personal Preference-★★★★★
- So, I seen some posts saying Personal Preference is good. And it IS great. Not as great as You're Beautiful but ehh it's still awesome. It's really thrilling to watch!

Koizora (drama)★★★★★
- This drama definitely made me cry. crying if you don't watch the drama, there's also a movie for this too. I am warning you, this drama is really, really, sad and will definitely make you cry. I WARNED YOU! Don't watch if you hate buying more tissue papers.

Mendol-Ikemen Idol-★★★★
- It was a great drama, but not that much of a romance :[ but it's really nice and funny.

Buzzer Beat-★★★★
- AWESSOMEE, especially for people who loves basketball, like me. There's lots of romance too!

Prosecutor Princess-★★★★★
-That was an awesome drama. Though some parts are boring, it's really awesome! and sometimes funny wink

Mischievous Kiss-★★★★★
- Very cute drama! Kim Hyun Joong is so cute. Def. recommend for starters.

Single Princesses and Blind Dates-★★★★★
- Awesome. Really funny sometimes. I get confused sometimes o.o

Mary Stayed Out All Night- ★★★★★★★★
Oh Mi Gawd, I totally laughed when the other guy was talking on the phone with the other guy who is outside and cold and breathing heavily, and the other guy thought he was have XXX because of the breathing. xD

Secret Garden - ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ [x2]
- OhEmGee. This drama is my favorite so far!!! You can't believe how many times I cried and laughed while watching this drama. T___T Best ever drama. Heartbreaking, thrilling, I want more! Don't be fooled by the summary! You have to watch this whee The director of this drama is awesome!

King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo - ★★★★★★★
- This drama is long, but I enjoyed every single episode. I finished watching this in 2 days! I cried alot too T__T Must watch. The ending was great and I really hate that bad guy D:< OMG Kim Tak Goo is sooo cute!! ~~ <3

Why Why Love - ★★★
- When I first watch this drama, it was interesting and pretty addicting. I have to say I got pretty bored watching this, but the plot makes it interesting.

Dream High - ★★★★★
- This drama is totallly awesome. Omg, I really liked the plot and the actors. Jason <3 Pilsuk!

Sunny Happiness - ★★★★★
- WOOOW. Awesome. Drama. It's been awhile since good Taiwanese dramas like these came out. I have to say the main girl's acting was pretty bad at the beginning, but she really did better later on.

Paradise Ranch - ★★★★★
- Addicting! Really funny and gets pretty sad.

Shining Inheritance - ★★★★★★
- Finished this drama in less than 5 days! (or it was just because I was bored and had nothing to watch) When I looked at the cover of this drama, I never thought it will be this good. I cried many times, and Hwan is soo cute *__*

49 Days - ★★★★★
- Really nice drama! must watch if you have time ^^

Baby Faced-Beauty - ★★★★★
- Wow this drama was so funny and really awesome, also a must watch!

Can You Hear My Heart - ★★★★★
- WOW, really addicting, and sad, Must watch!!

City Hunter - ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★
- Okay, best drama of 2011 hands down. Jusst.. the.. best. Probably the best drama I've ever watched ever. Idk if it beats Secret Garden, but it's about the same bar lol. JUST WATCH IT, YOU'RE MISSING OUT A LOT.

Heartstrings - ★★★★
- It was a great and funny drama, though sometimes it was abit slow, and I didn't really like the plot much at the end. :/ But it's good to watch.

Spy Myung Wol - ★★★★★★★
- This is better than other 5 stars drama, but it's not the best drama. It kept me thrilled all the way till the end, it was very awesome. I have to say, it's a must watch also C:

Ojakgyo Brothers - ★★★★
-Nice drama to watch, it was sometimes slow [and I got distracted by Me Too Flower >:l) but it's okay

Me Too Flower - ★★★★★★★
- Oh ho ho, favorite actor from Kim Tak Goo! So cute! This drama kept me awake the whole time, and was sometimes funny! must watch c:

The Moon That Embraces the Sun - ★★★★★★+★★★★
- This drama has a really good plot, along with really well acted actors! This drama is awesome, but not awesome enough to get all red stars, although it does deserves some red stars C; Of course Kim Soo Hyun is so hot <3

Queen Seon Duk - ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★
- Holy s**t, what to say, one of my top dramas. I am not into historical dramas, but since I watched the Moon That Embraces the Sun, I decided to watch Queen Seon Duk because of the intensely high ratings and reviews. Of course, this drama is totally addicting and a must watch, it will get you thrilled all the way 'till the end of the drama. Must watch!

Skip Beat! [Taiwanese Version] - ★★★★
- it was okay, it started out really good in the beginning but it's just that the main girl actor just was annoying at some point. Siwon was cool though. C:

Bachelor's Vegetable Store - ★★★★★
- Ohohoho, this drama was really good and made me cry several times. It was great until [always] the guy's mom must ruin everything which made everything a sense of lack lol ugh

Wild Romance - ★★★★
- It was okayy, funny at some point , but it got a little boring to me but I felt the plot was just ok and the main guy actor, no offense but I'm not a fan of him, so that just made the whole drama a turn around for me.

Spring Waltz - ★★★★
- Typical drama plots, nice drama to watch when you have time C: Made me cry. It was lagging a bit at the end though.

Rooftop Prince - ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★
- Best drama of the beginning of 2012! RECOMMEND! Made me cry, laugh, ache, etc. !!!!~~~ This is really an awesome drama

Tree of Heaven - ★★★★
- Sad, sad drama. Finished it in one day! I like the drama, so it deserves an extra star. And the main guy is so hot, no s**t lol.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal - ★★★★★★ [x2]
- I started watching this drama back in 2010, but stopped because I thought it was boring. HOW did I think that. Now coming back to watch it, it's one of the awesome dramas! Very funny and cute! C: I recommend it to all of ya'll.

Romance Town - ★★★
- Some of the characters in this drama made me annoyed, therefore losing a star. But it's nice to watch if you have time, I finished this in 2 days. The main guy is cute ><

Dong-Yi - ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★
- This drama is based on real life Dong-Yi. Watching this drama is like going on a journey with Dong-Yi, and you'll be sad when your journey ends. It has made me experience lots of mood (as well as other red star dramas) but I like how this drama shows that low people, or commoners, can become a great person. And the king is so hot! lol, I've never seen a guy in their 40s and with a beard so hot, I fell in love with him while watching this drama, hehe (I usually don't like guys with beards), For this 60 episode drama, it's WELL worth it (just like Queen Seon Duk) I finished this drama in 7 days, so don't be fooled just because it's long! It's so worth it! Recommend! This is one of my favorite dramas. C:

Take Care of Us, Captain - ★★★
- Finished the drama Take Care of us, Captain in 3 days. It was an okay drama, the actors were okay also. I love Ji Jin Hee but I think they should have picked another actor for the main role, no offense, i loved Ji Jin Hee in Dong-Yi [i think he looks better with a beard lol] and Goo Hye Sun is indeed always pretty. Her skin is always so plump and beautiful and her big round eyes are attractive. I saw her received so much criticism for her 'same' acting, but i think she did great. Yeah she was better in BOF, but she did great, especially if this is probably her last drama. I recommend you to watch this if you have time, it's not the typical drama but it's not that super great either. Didn't really feel the love between the main characters.

The Man Who Can't Get Married - ★★★
- Ehh it's okay, love between 40 year olds lol. Honestly I watched this because of Ji Jin Hee, because i liked him in Dong-Yi. There's also funny parts, which I liked. Not your favorite drama, :/

Grudge: The Revolt of Gumiho - ★★★★
- Okay, LOTS of crying scenes, I did not cry once though lol, it's like a sad drama.
The ending was sad sad favorite character died [Chunwoo] he was so sweeeet <3 At least the mother got revenge c:

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho - ★★★★★★ [x2]
- This drama isn't the best but it gets my attention all the way 'till the end of the drama. This deserves some red stars >< Very emotional and cute, On the last episode, I cried a lot, [really good actors] Even though it's just one scene, I have cried more than I've cried in other dramas. (of course there are other top dramas that made me cry like this). omg Park Dong Joo [No Min Woo] is soooooo hot, it's funny how the "cool" song always comes up when he's on the screen LOL

The King 2 Hearts - ★★★★★★★
- So again right after I finished My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, I went ahead and re-continued the drama The King 2 Hearts, started from ep5, and finished it in 3 days ^_^ lol I abandoned that drama long ago because I felt the beginning did not really catch my attention and I hated that CEO of Club M so I stopped watching. It was really good, I give this 7 stars ^_^ I really loved it, and because I am in NJROTC [Navy Reserve Officer Training Corps], I like things that deal with military and s**t, and i loved the drama >3< The romance is really cute, and I love Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi! I recommend this drama, but if you don't like guns, blood, politics, or killing, then don't watch it.

Love Rain - ★★★★
- This drama was okay. It was kinda boring at the beginning, or the 'early days of the parents' but it was worth watching. I like the love style between them, but then it got a little more boring with the love between the kids. The thing that didn't catch my attention between them is that they keep loving each other, then they somewhat "break [?]" up, then they love each other again, and it keeps repeating. Also during the airing of this drama, Rooftop Prince was also airing and I got distracted by that drama, so the story line of this drama got less appealing. [k rooftop prince was totally better] Well it's worth a watch when you have time, but in my opinion, I wouldn't really recommend this drama.

K-pop Extreme Survival - ★★
- Finished in 2 days, an okay drama, I loved the love between the main actors, however I don't like that Han Team Daepyeonim, wayyyYY to many drunk scenes of her saying all the s**t about loving and missing the director and s**t, in the drama, I somewhat also see her as a 'two-faced' person, like seriously who wrote out her character like that? The ending was the worst, omg it's super rushed, I heard it's suppose to be like 16 episodes long but they cut it down to 14 episodes, so the last episode was like all rushed and so many obvious questions unsolved. I liked the beginnings of the drama though, but the end was ehhhhhh... Oh but the other actors for the M2 Juniors was hot *A* especially Tagoon, omg his voice is so deeeep and I love his rap >< ahh korean guys <3 This would've been a 5 star drama if some actors and the ending didn't ruin it all, ugh. Well, it's worth watching if you have time, but I wouldn't watch it again :>

Big - ★★★★
-Finished Big, it was okay. i loved the beginnings of the drama, but after so on, the lead actress was getting boring, and simple, and just plain, her acting is just getting weird, like she's always blank or something [Blank Mong Jihyo~ LOL jk] well I like the plot, gets me curious, but I just don't get the ending,
I thought KKJ and SYJ was switched, but why is KKJ still in his body at the end?
:l lol eh wateva, but I'd like to give this a 4.5 stars, but I don't have the half star icon so I'll just give it a 5! And Suzy is really cute in this drama, with her fashion and headbands biggrin This drama is also funny, made me have some cute funny moments biggrin

I Need Romance 2012 - ★★★★
- Somehow I like the way this drama is filmed; it's like it has some realism into it. I love the plot and the main actors but it kind of got boring on one of the 3 girl's story. This drama also has lots of inappropriate scenes, LOL but I recommend watching it when you have time. It's a pretty decent drama after all. (:

Time Slip Dr.Jin - ★★★★
- This drama was okay, it was thrilling at some points but it's just a drama you'll watch in the free time.
I was surprised that there was barely any love scenes or like no kissing scenes at all [direct kisses :l]
. This drama has a lot of like unsolved mysteries and I like that because it keeps you confused LOL. I watched this when it first aired but stopped because I asked myself, Will Dr.Jin just keep saving lives throughout the drama? But then yeah I just continued to watch after it finishes airing, so that was like a long hiatus. I like the actors, they were good. Not in my list of favorite dramas.

To the Beautiful You - ★★★★
- Okay drama. It wasn't that great. I agree that the acting was horrible at times, and it looks so fake; they just didn't feel the emotions while acting. I love the characters though, especially Lee Hyun Woo, omg he is sooooo cute <3 how can anyone not like him. >3< Anyways, the plot was okay also. For the Japanese version, it is better in acting and plot, but for the Korean version, it is better in looks, and technology [like how they filmed it]. There were times where it was addicting though, but I wouldn't put this as my favorite drama, and it won't be on my list of recommendations to people C:

Bridal Mask - ★★★★★
- Let's see, this drama is intense! It left me thrilled so many times [of course, dramas] and I couldn't wait for the next episodes to come out every week. I recommend this drama to those who like action, with love also ;D I love the plot of this drama, and it was really fun to watch.

Replay 1997 - ★★★★
- When I first started this drama, I was pretty confused because of the way they filmed the drama, switching from time periods, but I figured it out much later lols. I love the 'love' in this drama, because it really seems like the reality; what students in highschool go through in love back in the 1900s. The filming was really good, it actually looked like it was back in the 1970s or whatever time period it was LOL. Hmm I recommend to those who like highschool love; but it's actually worth watching in your free time. It's pretty good actually, but I wouldn't say it's one of my favorites.

Nice Guy (The Innocent Man) - ★★★★★★★
- This melodrama was sooo intense! I cried a lot, well probably because it's a melodrama, but it's pretty sad at some moments T___T Watched this when it was airing, and o.m.g. couldn't wait for the next episodes. Song Joong Ki was so hot! I loved Moon Chae Won too ^-^ I also loved the sister, Choco [Lee Yoo Bi], she was really pretty and cute! I looooove the plot of this drama, it was a, hmmm, a twist in a plot and there were several cliffhangers too T___T I really recommend this drama to those who just... wants another kdrama to watch! LOL either way, I love it.

Five Fingers - ★★★★★★
- I am a musical person and I also play the piano; That's why I started watching this drama. This drama was also intense, there was a huge twist in it ;D It did start out as a piano drama, but the piano playing actually disappeared throughout [until the end] and turned to like some business thang (if you watch it, you'll know what I mean). It's a really good drama, with a very well thought plot. I actually almost dropped the drama when the childhood actors are gone [and I didn't really like the adult actors LOL] but I didn't, and I got used to the actors. I heard many people dropped it, idk why but I think it's worth watching if you have time. ;D

King of Dramas - ★★★★
- I loved the intense in this drama! I can really tell they really put in the time and money, into making this drama. The action and comedy is really good, and I just love it! However it lost one star because I didn't really feel the love between the main actors, although they were cute and funny. ;D I love the plot and this drama is a watch if you have time.

Cheongdam-dong Alice - ★★★★★
- Really cute drama! And funny also. Haha the actors are so cute! I actually think the plot is okay, and it does get quite annoying when the main actor acts stupid LOL Overall, it isn't one of my favorites, but it is indeed a watch if you just want to have a good laugh, and feel heartbreaking scenes. :')

Flower Boy Next Door - ★★★★★★
- Omg, I looooveee Yoon Si Yoon, he was so cute in this drama! This is more like a comedy romance drama and I would totally recommend it ;D This drama has that spark of innocent love in it, and their love was really cute xD Anyways I loved this drama and I would recommend it smile

When a Man Loves - ★★★★
- This drama started out to be really cute and catchy; with the love of Mido and Han Taesang. As I kept watching it, I'm pretty sure almost everyone who have watched this drama, must agree that
Mido is a b***h
, which almost made me abandon this drama, but I had nothing to do at that time and so I kept watching it. The plot isn't so bad, and the actors were really great. It is a good drama to watch in your free time/have no other dramas to watch, otherwise, there are plenty of other dramas that are better.

Incarnation of Money - ★★★★★
- This drama was funny and fun to watch! I am guessing it was a romance comedy, and this drama has a great plot, filled with cute to intense moments. What will keep you entertain is the battle of the protagonist and the antagonist, in which both are intelligent with their tactics and strategies to defeat each other, but of course there must be a winner, and the loser. lol It's the kind of drama where you would enjoy watching it at least once, well as for me, I wouldn't watch it again but it is a recommend.

Love, Now - ★★★★
- This is probably they longest Taiwanese drama I have watched :U The romance in this drama was great, especially the beginningz, and it was great to watch how the love between the 2 main actors [Annie and George] grew deeper. It's a great drama but the reason it lost one star is because, well, I thought the love between the other actors were useless (ya I know, I'm a cocky person who just wants Annie's and George's scenes only) but nevertheless, it IS a great drama, I wouldn't re-watch it due to the excessively long episodes and tie devoted to other couples, but yeah, it all depends on the person, you, watching it. smile

Jang Ok Jeong, Lives in Love - ★★★★★
- The love between Jang Ok Jeong [Kim Tae Hee] and Prince Lee Soon [Yoo Ah In] was incredibly astonishing. The love was soooo deep in this drama and I can feel the aura through my screen, greatly shaking my insular cortex. Although Jang Ok Jeong was quite annoying at some point in the drama, this drama does deserve some red stars. The plot was also amazing and the love scenes, Yoo Ah In's famous line!
Omg, I have never cried so much in this drama, especially the ending! For those who know what I am talking about, wasn't it incredibly tragic and sorrowful? It definitely wasn't the best ending, but I really enjoyed the sadness, crying at 4am on my bed, making a huge pool; oh damn you drama!
I have no opinions on recommending this drama, because it's the type of drama where there's ups and downs, I would recommend it for the "ups" but I will say be prepared for the "downs". smile I actually would watch it again, in a few years, when my memory of this is still not fresh biggrin

Nail Shop Paris - ★
- i'm sorry but, I highly anticipated this drama, it did meet my expectations plot-wise, but omfg, sorry I totally didn't liked Gyuri's acting and this drama didn't really have that "spark"; I don't know how to explain it in words, but I feel like it's too "weird" I have to say; Gyuri's acting probably made it even worse lol I don't have much to say about this drama, but I wouldn't recommend it, nor I would watch it again. I heard it was made with a low budget. If you have seen it and didn't like it, you know what I mean lol.

My Daughter, Seo Young - ★★★★★★★
- WOW! This drama was really enjoyable to watch! I was quite curious as to why this drama had such an astonishing high ratings of ~40% and it really did deserved it. This is one of the "long episodes" dramas, but don't let the length stop you from watching it! You will really enjoy, laugh, cry, smile, get mad, etc. just like how I felt when I watched this drama. I loved the main actors [Lee Bo Young and Lee Sang Yoon <3] and that's how the nation's couple was born! biggrin This is a 'family' drama, which I don't really watch family dramas, but it has an awesome plot to it. Yes, I will recommend this drama! (PS, I finished this drama in 3 days! with 2 nights of allnighters! That's how good this drama is.......]

Gu Family Book - ★★★★★
- The parent's love in this drama was the part where I cried the most, and where my heart got pinched the most. I swear they should make a drama, just devoted to the parent's love. Lee Seung Gi was a great actor, but I thought Suzy was just an "okay" actor (I don't hate her but I don't think she's that much of a great either, and lil bit overrated). The plot is amazing in this drama and yeah, I don't have much to say in this drama. ^_^" It's not one of my favorite dramas, and I wouldn't re-watch it either, however, that doesn't mean you wouldn't like it either!

Heartless City - ★★★★★
- Wow... this drama, it's breathtaking... the plot, the actors, everything...This drama had outstanding casts and the storyline! it was ******** amazing, despite that it doesn't have much romance [except that hot kiss between Soo Min and Doctor’s Son] yet it keeps me entertained in the “drug world”. Definitely one of the best dramas I've watched, would recommend. The OST is also ******** amazing.

Monstar - ★★★★
- This drama was great at the beginning, honestly I lost interest in it towards the end of the drama. The love between Junhyung and Ha Yeon Soo was cute, but it did get kinda boring to me lol; maybe not for others though. However the songs were great! I love the feeling when one group proves the other wrong LOL Anyways, it's an okay drama.

I Hear Your Voice- ★★★★★
- I was glad to see Lee Bo Young again after watching My Daughter, Seo Young biggrin At the beginning, I didn't think this would be one of my favorite dramas but holy s**t it got so much interesting towards the end. I'm sure everyone hates Min Joon Kook when watching this LOL ,, Lee Jong Suk was great at acting! The storyline was amazing also, especially the parts in the courthouse because I like how the lawyers or prosecutors owned them all hahaha Yes, you should watch this drama C: It's not the best drama I've watched but it's above okay biggrin every drama has their own unique plot to love c:

Master's Sun- ★★★★★★★★
- I love horror movies! I was so excited when they created a horror theme drama with an exciting plot; as expected from the Hong Sisters! This drama was omg... really good. It made me cry but the plot is amazing. I love the thrills this drama gave me. The actors and actresses portray their roles very well. It's a definitely must watch.

Good Doctor - ★★★★★
- I watched this drama because: 1. I love seeing Joo Won's acting. and 2. I am interested in becoming a surgeon or studying in the medical field later in life. The surgeries were really realistic and Joo Won's acting was amazing! He portrayed the role of an amazingly smart autistic person. This drama did drag a little later on but nevertheless, I do recommend watching it.

Just You - ★★★★★
- Cutest Taiwanese drama ever! I love the actors, especially the main couple: Aaron Yan and Puffy Guo. They seriously need to get together in real life; they have a lot of 'chemistry' together and I can feel it. Aaron is so cute and sexy! I like how this drama doesn't have very bad actors like I've seen in other Taiwanese dramas. This drama gave me the laughs, and LOTS of butterflies! I will definitely miss this drama and I don't regret watching it. Heck, this is one of the best Taiwanese drama I've watched.

Secret- ★★★★★
- This is the type of drama that deals with crime and mystery along with romance. The plot was interesting and fresh and like how it states in the title, it deals with a lot of secrets. This melodrama had some parts that threw me off the seat, and there were a lot of cliffhangers. I liked how this drama had a lot of things that made you wanna punch the computer screen. It was a nice drama and I would recommend it. However, I will not rewatch it.

The Heirs- ★★★★
- People may have thought this drama sucked balls, but I thought it was okay. Yes, the plot was a bit messy and it seemed like this drama just got famous because of the actors and actresses, but I really enjoyed it. There were some parts that left me thrilled and parts that left me crying. However, I did expect more. The main actor, Lee Min Ho, and the main actress, Park Shin Hye did a great job acting. The plot may be like any other plot: a chaebol falling in love with a poor girl. This drama was written by Kim Eun Sook, the author who also wrote the hit dramas, Secret Garden and Gentlemen's Dignity. I loved Secret Garden however this drama wasn't as great as that drama. I would recommend for those who just have time to waste. I wouldn't rewatch it though.

Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo - ★★★
- I am not really into Japanese dramas mainly because of the actors/actresses but I gave this drama a try. This drama was interesting and the relationships between the lead actor and actress was great. I wasn't that into this drama since I already saw the Korean version of Mischievous Kiss. Towards the end, it kind of dragged out and so I 'almost' stopped watching it. It is a sweet drama, but I've watched many dramas with this kind of plot. There are parts that left me giggling. This is just me, but you may have watched it and thought it was a great drama.

You Who Came From The Stars★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★
- What?! Who could have not loved this drama? This was the best drama to start the year 2014. This drama has AMAZING edits (looked totally real) and it was probably the first to have such edits. The storyline was unexpectedly awesome and unique; each episode never bored me. It has all the elements: romance, comedy, fantasy, mystery, and a bit of historic. This romantic comedy also had my favorite actor, Kim Soo Hyun (c'mon, who doesn't love him) and a famous actress, Jun Ji Hyun. There are a few parodies in this drama that makes me go laughing onto the floor. The writers make you feel a roller coaster of emotions. I would totally recommend this drama. I would rewatch this drama like 5 years later, I am a person who can't rewatch dramas when my mind is still fresh of the plot. I need to wait a while so then I can re-experience the feelings. biggrin

God's Gift - 14 Days - ★★★★★★★
- Woahhh, this drama was probably the most INTENSE drama ever! It's a criminal/crime scene drama and it deals with a lot of mysteries and such. Since there was no romance, I thought that it would be boring but oh hell noooo I was wrong; this drama was REALLY good and each cliffhanger leaves you at the edge of your seat! It received such low ratings, but I definitely think that it deserves better. I do recommend this drama.

Full House (Thai version) - ★★★★★★★★★★★★
- Best Thai drama so far! Well, it's the first LOL. I really love this version of Full House; i think it's better than the Korean version. The main actor and actress (Mike and Aom) are so cute <3 and the chemistry between them is adorable and way better than the original. I can't get enough with them. I would love to seem them together in another lakorn again. Because of this drama, I am on the hunt for other awesome Thai dramas.

Cunning Single Lady- ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★
- Cute cute drama! I enjoyed watching this romantic comedy drama. Lead actor (Joo Sang Wook) and actress (Lee Min Jung) are so cute together. Entertaining plot and superb acting! I recommend this drama and will re-watch when I don't remember anything from this drama!

Tawipob - ★★★★★
- This lakorn is about a girl, Manee, who travels back in time through a mirror to meet the man who she has been dreaming about every night. Both fall in love, but Manee must chose either to live with the man she love in the past or to go back to the future to continue living her regular life with her family and friends. Manee is played by Pancake Khemanit, a very popular Thai actress who's very beautiful (in my eyes). She acted very well, and I also give props to the main actor, Aom Akkaphan Namar (havin a hard time typin these long names). This drama is fully subbed on Viki, though it doesn't have a 720p option; I had to suffer and watch all of the 17 episodes in 360p (some even 240p). You know how much I hate watching dramas that's not in HD, but I forgot all about the quality in the end. This lakorn brought me joy, and tears. I enjoyed the love life of the lead actor/actress, it was veryyy sweeet. Finished this lakorn in 2 days! Thank god for summer.

Ruk Sutrit (รักสุดฤทธิ์) - ★★★★
- This lakorn has a pretty typical plot: a girl who tutors a guy who's known as a 'bad boy' and they both fall in love, blah blah. The main leads are Jame Jirayu Tangsrisuk and Punch Worakarn Rojjanawat and I agree that they make a cute couple! I enjoyed watching this lakorn, and there were moments where you just squeal. Finished it within 2 days.

Leh Nangfah (เล่ห์นางฟ้า; Angel Magic) - ★★★★
- Idk, but what's up with lakorns filming with extremely wide lenses that just makes everything look fat? (in exception to full house). Well, I like this lakorn, it was pretty sweet and taught me a lesson. There were scenes that were a bit.. unnecessarily too long and boring. The main actor is pretty hot!

Faith/The Great Doctor - ★★★★
- WOO! After a loooong hiatus from this drama, I have finally picked it up again and finally finished it! Back then, I couldn't even get past episode 2... because I didn't like how it was going. But, it did definitely get better later on. I'm kind of sad there wasn't 'that' many surgical scenes; I was hoping for some more.

Queen In Hyun's Man - ★★★★
- Another drama I picked up and finished after a long hiatus. I couldn't finish it back then because I don't like actor lol... well I don't mind it as much now. I just can't see Yoo In Na as a lead role, but she did great in this drama. It's a bit typical, but it gives you that feeling what will happen to their love in the end, with an obstacle of time (dramas like You Who Came From the Stars, Rooftop Prince, Faith, Tawipob, etc.)

Arang And The Magistrate - ★★★★★
- I started watching this drama and stopped countless of times! Finally, I picked it back up and finished it. This drama has a beautiful plot with a sprinkle of comedy. I think I dropped it because I didn't like Lee Joon Ki (lol ikr, ik what u thinkin) because his face seemed too 'perfect' , or should i say 'manga looking'. Of course, gradually, I didn't mind that and liked him and his acting. Shin Min Ah is also pretty in this drama. It's one of those dramas that is mysterious, and leaves you wonder more. It was beautifully filmed and edited (well except the heaven background lmao).
I liked the ending! It was clever that they both reincarnated into children. And that kiss was cute too.

Doctor Stranger - ★★★★
- Honestly, this drama was REALLY good at the start. As a person who is interested in surgery, I loved it. I think they picked the casts well. Lee Jong Suk is as hot as usual, and I haven't seen Kang So Ra since Dream High 2, and damnnn.. she is so pretty in this drama! Every time she's onscreen, I just can't help but notice her beauty. This drama is like a must watch in HD LOL. I like the way the director filmed it; shaky screens at closeups. The OST is also good. However, around the end of this drama, it somehow lost it's "spark" and everything just seemed to desperate-ish. I really enjoyed the beginning though, and the intensity of it.

Marriage, Not Dating - ★★★★★
- This drama was very cute! I had never watched a drama with Han Groo in it until this one, but she did really well in this drama. I was a bit hectic to watch this drama, because the main actor is Yeon Woo Jin, and I didn't really like him in his previous dramas HOWEVER he fits perfectly in this role! There's awesome chemistry in this drama and the plot seems really real. It was fun, heart warming, bright, and a bit crazy at some points. This drama is well worth watching.

Fated to Love You (Korean ver.) - ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★
- First off, no other casts would have fit any better than Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara; they both portrayed their roles perfectly! You will fall in love with both of them. Second, like how many others agreed, this is wayyy better than the Taiwanese version (not saying that it the T.V. is bad). The writers really wrote the plot well; it progressed really fast at the beginning to past halfway and I just liked how everything just keeps moving along without any lag. Lee Gun's laugh tho! LOL There are a few parodies and funny scenes that makes you laugh, like when G.O.D. popped up and a few 'corny' scenes, but that's what makes this drama special. There are also heartwarming and touching scenes that makes you ball your eyes out. I don't think any drama can replace this one because it's so unique. It is pure PERFECTION, and I definitely recommend it. I will definitely re-watch this drama after some time.

- Surplus Princess (The Mermaid) ★★★★
- Discovery of Love ★★★★★

So far, I have completely watched:
74 Korean dramas
8 Japanese dramas
9 Taiwanese dramas
4 Thai dramas (lakorns)

Total : 95

Currently watching:
She's So Lovable ★★★★
Pride and Prejudice ★★★★★
Tomorrow's Cantabile ★★★★
Secret Door ★★★★★
Pinocchio ★★★★★
Blade Man ★★★
Liar Game ★★★★★
Birth of a Beauty ★★★★★

To watch list:
소녀괴담 (Mourning Grave, 2014)
The Legendary Witch

Abandoned Dramas (or put aside; less likely to watch later):

My Princess ★★★
Witch Yoo Hee ★★
Beethoven Virus ★★
Who's the One ★★
Miss Ripley ★★
Scent of a Woman ★★
Ouran Highschool Host Club Live Action ★★★★
Protect the Boss ★★★
Poseidon ★★★
Goong ★★★★
A Thousand Kisses ★★★★
The Musical ★★★★
Fashion King ★★★
Dream High 2 ★★★★
Shut Up Flower Boy Band ★★★★
Iris ★★★★
Ghost ★★★
Thorn Birds ★★★
Invincible Lee Pyung Kang ★★★★
I Love Lee Tae Ri ★★★★
I Do I Do ★★★★
The World That They Live In ★★★★
The Thousandth Man ★★★
Panda and the Hedgehog ★★★
Haeundae Lovers ★★★★★
May Queen ★★★★
I Miss You ★★★★
That Winter, The Wind Blows ★★★★
7th Grade Civil Servant ★★★★
9: Nine Times Time Travel ★★★★
Substitute Princess ★★★
Princess Ja Myung Go ★★
Dating Agency: Cyrano ★★★★★
Shark ★★★★
Love Around ★★★★
Basketball ★★★
Her Legend ★★★★
Who Are You ★★★★
Marry Him if You Dare ★★★★★
The Suspicious Housekeeper ★★★
Prime Minister and I ★★★★
Miss Korea ★★★
Three Days ★★★★
In A Good Way ★★★★
Emergency Couple ★★★★★
Deja Vu ★★★★
A Witch's Romance ★★★★
Angel Eyes ★★★★★
A New Leaf ★★★★
Fall in Love With Me ★★★★
Trot Lovers ★★★
Empress Ki ★★★★★ HIATUS
ดาวเคียงเดือน ตอนที่ ★★★★
You're All Surrounded ★★★★
Grandpa Over Flowers Investigation Team ★★★★★
Love Myself Or You ★★★★★
Hi! School: Love On ★★★★
It's Okay, That's Love ★★★★★
King of High School Life Conduct ★★★★

200 Pounds Beauty ★★★
Always ★★★★★
A Werewolf Boy ★★★★★
Silenced ★★★★★
The Man From Nowhere ★★★★★
White ★★★★
Secretly,Greatly ★★★★★
Pee Mak ★★★★★ <recommend>
The Huntresses ★★★★★
No Breathing ★★★★★

Also watching the variety show, Running Man. Currently up-to-date on the latest episode they have! Very funny~ I never skipped an episode, and it's definitely a recommend!

Thanks for supporting this thread! Please post if you have any suggestions!

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The second poll pic >3>
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The ones I've seen are:

Hana Yori Dango (technically, the Taiwanese version is the original drama version, and the Taiwanese version is the only one out of all the HYD versions I don't want to watch)
Hana Kimi
1 Litre of Tears
Haken no Hinkaku (saw this on TV. Kinda boring)
Joshi Deka (saw this on TV. Not really that good)
Taiyou no Uta (drama version, not movie version)

Shining Inheritance (first saw this on TV, watched the rest online because I'm impatient. They only show an episode once a week)
Boys Before Flowers
You Are My Destiny (featuring Yoona from SNSD)

Let's Go Watch Meteor Shower (similar to HYD; however, since Group 8, the producers of BFF, still hold the 2-year license contract for HYD, the Chinese had to make some...alterations)

Easy Fortune, Happy Life (many of the characters in this drama were from Fated to Love You, including the female lead)
Romantic Princess
Corner with Love
Autumn's Concerto
He Was Cool (based off the Korean movie with the same title)
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ooo Looks interesting surprised
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Nodame Cantabile
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i cant really remember most dramas from the heart but u should definitely watch:


comments: it ROX MY SOX off!!! sweatdrop itx a korean drama movie and the type is comedy/ romance [[tOo perfect...]] heart
Hana Kimi got made into a movie? o.o
Well I saw the full series n it was awesome. how are the characters ugly? xD Nodame is up there too. The drama for the anime GTO is very very funny.
Saw some others on this list. Surprised there isnt much discussion about asian drama. Its pretty big with the people I know.
I love Full House too heart It heart It heart It

I FULL HOUSE 3nodding

It's awesome, Rain is awesome XD I love the music from it too. ♪♫♪♫♪ 4laugh

I would recommend 1 Litre Of Tears. It's a Japanese Drama based on a true story. It's really sad. I cried so much and the acting is really life-like too. You should really check it out if you're in a mood for a sob-story. Love it but it's so sad. crying
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I saw full house but that was a long long long time ago lol I barely remeber it but I think it was good
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I haven't seen much.. ^^;

Mars (Taiwanese I think), don't remember much about it.

Hana Kimi (Japanese) I loved it. I didn't think anyone was ugly at all.

Hana Yori Dango (Japanese) also loved it.

And some of Smile (Japanese). It's cute, but I only watched it because Jun Matusmoto is in it.
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I've seen: 1 Litre of Tears (Japanese), Hana Yori Dango (Japanese), SMILE (Japanese), Haken no Hinkaku (Japanese), Joshi Deka (Japanese), Beethoven Virus (Korean), Let's Go Watch Meteor Shower (Mainland Chinese), Romantic Princess (Taiwanese), and Corner with Love (Taiwanese).

Right now, I'm watching Sunadokei. I've been waiting years for this to get subbed!

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